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.The the size of the SPRNET Room was doubled in size for US MILCON. The facilities Mechanical system was upgraded to manage the controlled temperature requirement for the servers. All work was required to be performed without interruption for the MILCON operations. Raised flooring and security walls and doors with STC 50 ratings were installed. In addition the design and installation of a conference room within the SPRNET room doubled and an upgrade to the standby generator was designed and installed. All activities were executed with zero interruption of the facilities mission. * Design Build of the largest USACE Solar Project at The Marines Company F Anti-Terrorism project is supported by the Marine Forces Reserve Energy Program (MARFORRES). The mission is to reduce the energy consumption by 15% at Marine installations. The Lafayette facility project has reduced the energy requirements to a 100% savings on sunny days and a monthly savings exceeding $2,000.00The installation of solar panels on the roof and grounds of the facility were installed at the reserve center. A structural analysis of the roof was conducted and roof panels removed and replaced to insure that all load requirements were met prior to the panel installation. All load criteria for the type of building frame and the geographical area was examined plus the characteristics of the solar panels was conducted. Once revisions were made a plan to avoid and minimize weather (rain intrusion) and temperature to the buildings envelope was developed. Careful planning was needed due to the building being occupied during the execution of the work. Job consisted of all Industrial Electrical work Papers, Courtland, AL Performed duties including installation, hook-up, and troubleshooting of all types of electrical equipment. Installation of Allen Bradley PLC-3 interfaced with Foxboro Video spec. Reliance Auto Mate controllers and DC drives. Worked in the check out and engineer start-up crew. Worked directly with Champion Electrical and Instrumentation Engineers on start-up of #34 Paper Machine. Taught five electrical classes: Electrical I, Electrical II, Electrical III, and Electrical Blueprint Reading and German schematics. Attended a Job Instructor training class as well. Member of the Tool Committee, Productivity Committee, Planning Committee, and the Craft Qualification Committee. Promoted to Foreman of the Start-Up Crew. Project contract amount approximately $250 million. such as grounding conduit cable tray wire pulling motor control control panel setting terminating and hook-up of motor controls and control panels Brown and Root Construction check out and working with plant personnel and vendor Brown and Responsible for Duties consist of managing the 200 mil #34 paper machine addition electrical SOW. engineering checkout of the paper mill systems on project Project contract amount approximately $350 million