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SUMMARY Petrophysicist, geoscientist, technology innovator, and published author with extensive global industry experience in petrophysical interpretation. Possessing a proven track record that delivered true production potential and maximization of conventional and unconventional reservoirs. A leader with the proven ability to challenge, inspire, mentor, and motivate team members to think in creative and innovative ways to address complicated technical issues. Recognized as an industry expert with an extensive technical background covering multiple disciplines. Recognized as a 2015 - 2016 Distinguished Speaker for Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts (SPWLA). ACCOMPLISHMENTS Technology and Innovation * Developed new protocols for core analysis of Bakken unconventional tight oil samples following two and one half years of research on core cleaning methods after the discovery of incorrect core water saturations on a Bakken Petroleum System core * Researched new methods for interpreting Nuclear Magnetic Resonance measurements on log and core data in the Bakken Petroleum system that resulted in better comparison of core porosity to log porosity * Developed and implemented a comprehensive petrophysical model for the Eagle Ford Shale that integrated multiple sets of data recorded in the vertical and lateral section of the wells that led to optimizing the placement of the lateral wellbore and modifications to the competition plan that resulted in 30 to 40 % higher initial oil production rates and reduced water production from high salinity formations * Routinely provided recommendations to development and exploration teams on petrophysical evaluations and recommendations for logging acquisition for standard and advanced logging suites. These recommendations were associated with well operations having wireline, LWD/FEWD, mud logging, cuttings evaluation, coring procedures and core analysis services * Recommended a cased hole reservoir monitoring project using pulsed neutron, cement bond and production logs, this South Louisiana project significantly improved production and revitalize the field by identifying by-passed pay intervals * Technical representative on guiding research projects related to unconventional tight oil with four universities and three service companies that provided good technical knowledge on the Bakken petroleum system as to wettability, injectivity potential, permeability, pore structure and unconventional tight oil core cleaning * Represented company as a member of industry special interest groups, including Nuclear Logging, High Angle/Horizontal Wells, Unconventional Resources and resistivity * Author or co-author of more than twenty technical publications including the Journal of Petrophysics, Society of Petrophysicist and Well Log Analysts, Society of Core Analysts, Society of Petroleum Engineers, Offshore Magazine and Schlumberger Oilfield Review * Created technical marketing materials, presentations, society papers, journal articles, seminars, training materials, log analysis techniques, and global field operations client support. Petrophysics * Extensive experience in the interpretation of unconventional resources and development of robust petrophysical models using deterministic and probabilistic interpretation methods for the Bakken petroleum system, Eagle Ford shale, Utica shale formations, China, Paris basin and the Delaware basin * Exceptional understanding of the petrophysical analysis of core in unconventional tight oil reservoirs and subsequent integration with log data * Extensive experience with the petrophysical interpretation of standard and advanced logging measurements such as nuclear magnetic resonance, high-frequency dielectric, triaxial resistivity, elemental gamma ray spectroscopy measurements, multicomponent dipole sonic and image logs * Discovered new interpretation methods for core and log NMR measurements in the Bakken petroleum system that invalidate previous conventional interpretation methods * Developed a technique for identifying low-resistivity pays that have chlorite clay using pulsed neutron and open hole logs * Advanced experience with petrophysical interpretation models for use in shaly sands and thin-bed reservoirs * Invented two new pulsed neutron water saturation equations, one that incorporates a dry clay model for interpretation of shaly sands and the second which uses capture sigma and carbon oxygen ratio measurements in low salinity reservoirs having three phase gas, oil, and water saturation. These methods provide more accurate saturation answers than previous models * Experience with processing and interpreting petrophysical results on wells for global oil and gas operators in Mexico, South America, Indonesia, China, Egypt, Kuwait, Gulf of Mexico, And the Lower 48 of the USA. * Pioneered petrophysical analysis transforms to produce a density type porosity using gamma rays produced by inelastic neutron interactions made by pulsed neutron measurements * Developed several methods for interpretation and displaying of hydraulic fracture orientation, direction and fracture height growth using spectral gamma ray and directional rotating gamma ray tools * Authored the initial petrophysical interpretation software for determining water saturation for a new dual exponential pulsed neutron tool Team Leadership * Project leader on a multi-disciplinary team in determining the technical aspects, planning, operations, acquisition and subsequent analysis of rotary sidewall pressure cores for an EOR science well to determine hydrocarbon compositions and source analysis * Team leader on a comparative study with multiple service labs on core cleaning methods in unconventional tight oil. Results from this project was used to develop new protocols and cleaning methods unconventional tight oil cores from the Bakken Petroleum system and resulted in authored a company "Best Practices" document using newly developed core analysis protocols * Project leader on a G&G team to evaluate rock mechanical properties with triaxial lab measurements using native state and post-cleaned core samples in the Bakken petroleum system * Coordinated with the subsurface G&G team to develop a robust petrophysical model for Bakken petroleum system using advanced logging and core analysis measurements. This model was used as a basis for developing a basin-wide petrophysics model using minimal logs and resulted in a revised STOOIP computation and saturation maps for use in reservoir models * Coordinated vendors and contractors to manage tool development, technical troubleshooting, and contractual obligations associated with a $3 million project budget * Led a cross-discipline team in researching, evaluating and implementing a wellsite log data satellite transmission system which was an early adaptation of technology that has ultimately lead to routine wellsite access of data via the internet