Guangde L

Scientist - 15 Years of Experience - Near 02132




West Roxbury, MA

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SUMMARY More than ten years of experience in target identification, target validation and drug development research in neurology and immunology. Broad skill set encompassing cellular neurobiology, cellular immunology, molecular biology, and in vivo experiments. Proven ability to work effectively in both independent and team settings. Seeking a senior associate scientist/scientist position in drug discovery research RESEARCH SKILLS AND EXPERTISES * Cell Biology & Tissue Culture: Embryonic mouse cortical neurons/motor neurons, neonatal dorsal root ganglion cells, goldfish/mouse retinal ganglion cells culture/assay, mouse whole retina culture primary rat Schwann's cell culture. Human monocyte and T-cell purification, culture and assay, whole blood assay, T-cell proliferation assay, ELISA for LPS induced TNF-a, IL1-b production, FACS analysis for primary cell sorting adult mouse hepatocyte isolation/culture lymphocyte purification from mouse lymph node and spleen gene transfection of eukaryotic cells cell line maintenance * Animal Handling Techniques: Neonatal mice ICV injection, adult mouse/rat intrathecal injection (IT). Rat optical nerve lesion model Rat/mice behavior study mice liver perfusion via portal vein small animal surgery and necropsy Dose administration by multiple routes (po., iv., ip., sc. etc.) in mice/rat blood, organs and tissue sampling (adult mice and rat GRGs, sciatic nerve, substantia nigra, striatum, putamen, dentate nucleus, hippocampus, cerebellum, cortex, stem, spinal cord, brain cross sections etc.) * Molecular Biology: TaqMan qPCR, RT-PCR, RNAse protection assay DNA subcloning including DNA digestion, purification, ligation, transformation and protein expression in E.coli. DNA subcloning of constructs, cDNA/ genomic DNA library screening, DNA/RNA extraction from cells and tissues, phage DNA extraction, DNA sequencing, Northern/Southern blot, dot blot, Northwestern blot, hybridization screening, mutagenesis * Biochemistry and Immunohistochemistry: SDS-PAGE, Western blot, immunocytochemistry