Ahasan I

Software Engineer - 3 Years of Experience - Near 22180


Application Support


Vienna, VA

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Summary: Over seventeen years of experience in planning, developing and executing technologies for various projects as an IT professional and extensive knowledge on Windows, NT, and UNIX environment and significant exposure to object oriented language. My responsibilities include: * Provide proactive leadership in introducing new technologies and ideas for applications. Stimulate the use of innovative IT solutions by shaping strategic objectives during the program planning and resource acquisition and allocation processes * Participate in the systems planning process as an agent for change and thought leader and producing a supporting plans which are fully aligned with strategic plan. Ensures a departmental approach to technology integration and enforce a standardized requirements process * Manage technology strategy & modernization and advocate for innovative uses of technology to ensure the implementation of sound capital and investment planning and to facilitate management's access to needed resources * Work with other strategic leaders to challenge conventional approaches and develop new methods and systems for delivering mission benefits * Identify the role of new technologies and bring strategic decision-making process. Recommend best practices for IT procurement of hardware and software, technology services, acquisitions, cyber security, network design and development that can contribute to the future growth of IT products and services Skill Summary Languages Java, C, C++, Python, Visual Basic, VB.NET, JavaScript, SQL, Oracle, ASP/ASP.Net, VBScript, PHP, JSP, Perl, XML, Dynamic HTML, Director