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Software Engineer


Software Engineer

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ACCOMPLISHMENTS * Citigroup: As Lead Technical Account Manager on a major implementation for Citigroup at the customer request to urgently help to reduce the projected 18-month period for this project, I led the team in finding ways to complete the project in 6 months. * A delighted customer who realized a savings of over $3,000,000 in IT and infrastructure cost while generating $22,000,000 in revenue for StorageTek first year, resulting in $100,000,000 in revenue over the 5year project. * JPMC: At the request of senior management to establish a new QA batch testing department I single handedly created a QA department including documentation, procedures, and implementation plans. Turning, over a fully functional QA system to a head count of 10 staff members. * Improved batch production processing cycles by over 25%. Saved Chase Auto Finance business units to the amounts $1M a year. * IBM: Client Value Achievement Award - 2015 program. 'Put the Client First' * Thank you for your outstanding technical sales leadership with our clients Bank of America and Morgan Stanley with Product Development on the TS7700, and with IBM Service. As a result of your initiative and diligence, IBM was able to maintain its business relationship in both accounts. We can to respond more quickly, and our time to problem resolution is decreased. Additionally, you've shared your knowledge across other territories, allowing those teams to do proactive remediation and avoid outages.