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COVER LETTER: Hi Tecmetal Group 1101 E. 55th Street, Cleveland, OH 44103 New Product Engineering Manager / New Facility Construction Manager 10/26/2015 - 12/21/16 * Design/ Construction of New Heat Treatment Facility and Management of Equipment Installation * Design / Const. Mgmt - High Tech Aero Facility Expansion (Project Cost $ 2.5 M) * Regulatory Compliance Liaison with State and Local Agencies * Design of Plant Facilities/ PIDs/ Electrical and Equipment Layout. - TurboCAD * Electrical Design of Plant Electrical Infrastructure Upgrade to 36.3 KV Primary and 2,000 KVA Transformer * Procurement and Installation of Electrical Capital Equipment/ Pumps/ Facility Infrastructure * Cooling System upgrades and Pump VFD Programming ABB * New Product Development / R & D Lab Equipment Installation / Engineering Management * R & D Electroplating / Electroless Plating - Nickel & Copper on Vitreous Carbon * Engineering Projects Production Control and Expediting. * CAD Design of Fixtures and Braze Assemblies. - TurboCAD, SolidWorks * Design of Braze Joints and Fixture for Sandia Lab - Experimental Microwave Guide * Design of Heat Exchanger Braze Technique for Alphabet Energy - Waste Heat Re-claimer * Repair and Troubleshooting of Coherent - Meta-10C - Laser Machining Center * Coherent Meta - 10C - Laser Machining Center Programmer and Operator * CAD Design of Laser Cutting Tool Paths and Engraving to Aerospace Stds. - Laser Link Mesocoat 24112 Rockwell Drive, Euclid, Ohio 44117 Facility Manager/ Safety Mgr. / Purchasing Mgr. 5/15/2011 - 10/2/2015 Design/ Construction of New Facilities and Management of Equipment Installation and Maintenance * 11,000 Sq. Ft - CermaClad R&D/ Oil & Gas Line Pipe Cladding Demonstration Facility ($ 4 M) * 4,000 Sq. Ft - CermaClad R&D Facility ( $ 1.5 M) * Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) - CermaClad - WR R&D Facility ($ 2 M) * University of Akron - Plasma Fusion R&D Facility ( $ 1.5 M) * PComP Thermal Spray System Equipment - Installation/ Upgrade * CAD Design of Facilities/ PIDs/ Infrastructure - TurboCAD Operations Management of Facilities - Eastlake/ Euclid/ Univ of Akron/ Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) * CermaClad Product Line - Blasting/Slurry Coating/Plasma Arc (HDIR) Cladding/ Machine Shop Support/ Equipment Maintenance * PComP - Material Sourcing/ Attrition Milling/ CVD/ Sintering/ Electro-less Nickel Plating * Ni Phos - Electroless Plating on Thermal Spray Production Powders * Generated Run Procedures/ Work Orders / Rig Requirements / Maintenance Procedures * FANUC Robot Control Programing Management for Precision Movement for Plasma Arc Lamp * Rockwell Automation Logix 5000 - Software Installation/ Troubleshooting/ Editing and Validation * VFD Programming for Material Process Control of API 40 ft. Oil Pipe Cladding Facility - ABB * Mitsubishi EDM Maintenance/ Troubleshooting /G and M Code Programing and Operation Safety Manager - OSHA Safety Compliance/ EPA Compliance/ City of Euclid Waste Water Compliance Powdermet 24112 Rockwell Drive, Euclid, Ohio 44117 Facility Manager/ Safety Mgr. / Purchasing Mgr. / Quality Mgr. / Security Officer 5/15/2005 - 3/10/2011 Process Operations Management * Design/ Installation and Operation of CVD Fluidized Bed Reactors/ CVD Rotary Coating Reactors/ Fast Fluidized Bed (FFB) CVD Reactors * Generate Reactor Requirements/ Run Procedures/ Deposition Rate Calculations for CVD Precursors to deposit [AL/ ALCl3 B/ C/ Cu/ Co/ Si/ Fe/ Ni/ Re/ W/ WC/ Zr/ SiC/


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(Confidential) Building Design/ Hvac Technician/ Electrician/ Plumber / Custom Carpentry/ Masonary 4/2017 - Present




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