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Mechanical Engineer

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Experienced with AutoCAD: proficient with current release AutoCAD 2015:: academic training in SolidWorks and CAD/CAM. 6. Mechanical design of 3 dimensional printing machines. 7. Mechanical design of cranes and davits for the marine industry. 8. Conduct extensive research and development for new product introduction. 9. Able to multi-task develop short-cuts and solutions to problems, saving time and money. 10. Dedicated, self-motivated, detail-oriented, hands-on, thorough, and precise. 11. Proven leadership and management skills. Projects/Achievements 12. Designed, drafted, and prepared layout work for the first battery powered push-out tractor for the airline industry a rubber-tired rail supply car for the mining industry and the aircraft passageway tunnels at Bahamas Airport, all of which became standard products 13. Developed, engineered, designed, and assisted in erecting an environmental tower (glass inside aluminum) which survived 10 winters without damage 14. Developed a free-fall Rosette in addition to regular manufacturing workload at General Oceanics, inc. 15. Designed, engineered, and prototyped a scissor maintenance lift using basic Wollard chassis, which became a standard product 16. Developed catering truck with new scissor lift design 17. Developed special scissor set capable of being mounted on F350 chassis 18. Designed, drafted, and prepared specs for C&D waste system 19. Selected for performance and ability, to be part of new Research and Development division 20. Established documentation of remanufactured ground support equipment and technical support for maintenance of existing vehicles 21. Formalized documentation of modification of work-in-process to eliminate duplication of services and unnecessary expenditures Key Responsibilities Positions below encompassed the following: AutoCAD, new product design, mold base and mold cavity design (single injection molds) stress analysis, layout, design, drafting, bend allowance, bill of material structures, framework, specification of purchased parts, machine drawing, sheet metal, scissor lift design, preparation of shop drawings, research and development, waterproof housings (pressure housings), customer contact, improvement of existing products, specifications of manufactured and purchased parts, interact with Sales and Manufacturing Edward W. Wright Page one