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related EXPERIENCE surveys Summary: The Client was keen on keeping its customers satisfied. To achieve this upscale image, it offered trendy and stylish goods in an environment that was bright and attractive, unlike other discount stores. In order to cater to the needs of all, and increasing its share across all sections, it wanted to devise differentiation to increase its market share without decreasing its profitability and current customers. * To be able to offer the most up to date styles and trends to the customers, it was suggested that focus must be laid on merchandising. Recognizing that just having the goods in the stores was not enough, it was essential to advertise and market them * Continuous research on forecasting the trends and demands of its customer was provided * Data was collected through feedback, purchases made, product description, and leftover carts * Tactics pertaining to loyalty benefits to satisfy the current customers, and promotional offers to increase its market were given * Evaluation of its product line and brands, with that of the market brands Project: 'The Internet provider Leader' Summary: The client wanted to increase its market share and drive with an overall increase in the internet usage. Strategies and a proposed plan was developed. The objective was to conduct research and evaluate the current practices of both the company and the leading competitors. * Worked with the client to develop research strategies and for the creation of research blueprint * Statistical programs and techniques were utilized for data validation and interpretation * Research focused on evaluating the customer needs and their expectation from the carrier. Both Quantitative and qualitative analysis were used and inferences were drawn by using statistical techniques * Based on insights recommendations on promotions and need for information and user feedback were offered Project: ' The New Launch ' Summary: The Client was launching a redesigned version of its top-selling vehicle. The vehicle to be substituted for a new redesigned model was one of the most efficient and top selling vehicle in its segment. The client had reservations about the redesigned vehicle and was keenly interested about consumer behavior and market response to it. * In order to provide a more comprehensive view of the market reactions, insights were provided related to people who intent to buy the vehicle, people who bought the old version of the vehicle, people who bought the test redesigned vehicle and people who bought a different vehicle in the same segment Summary: The retail company wanted to increase its market share by catering itself to not just the metropolitan lifestyles but also to suburbs and small town. The first objective of the research was to assess consumer attitudes toward the retailer and determine if the population of the suburb/town would recognize this new concept in their market. If this proved to be constructive, the second objective was to determine the level of sales the retailer could achieve at the proposed suburb/town within the market. * For the Initial stage consumer survey research was utilized. It focused on gaining insight into consumer perception and attitudes towards shopping and about the retailer * The second phase of the research consisted of Geographical and demographic Analysis * The detailed report and full analysis with recommendations helped the client gauge into consumers motives, their perceptions and their demand * Used statistical techniques for hypothesis testing to validate data and interpretation * Developed reports for implementation of market strategies, leading to growth in customer acquisition Project: ' Free to paid Membership ' Summary: The client wanted to compete with the top retailer by giving the promotional offer of three month free membership. The first objective of the research was to study the consumer attitude towards the brand and the retailer. The second objective was to utilize the three month trial period and convert it to a long-time commitment by offering recommendations to the client. * At the beginning stage survey method was used at the initiation of the trial membership to study brand awareness and consumer expectations * During the three month course, consumers were made aware of the promotions, discounts and allied services through marketing and advertising * After the three month trial period, data was collected by means of quantitative and open ended questions * Successfully interpreting data to draw conclusion for managerial action and strategies * The analysis and recommendations assisted the client in increasing its sale and building the consumer base * Proposed solutions to improve system efficiencies and reduce total cost ACCOMPLISHMENTS Authored research papers with a large number of citations in international journals * "Self-Esteem and Quality of Life of People Living With HIV/AIDS" in 'Journal of health Psychology'. (2013, Sage Publication) * "Relating Emotional Intelligence, Quality of Work Life and Job Satisfaction: A Study among Corporate Employees" in 'Review of HRM'. (2013, NCHRM) * "Gender Differences in Burnout among HIV/AIDS Counselors in North India" in the Journal 'Public Policy And Administrative Research'. (2011, IISTE) * "Relating Occupational Self Efficacy to Team Effectiveness" in 'European Journal of Business and Management'. (2011, IISTE) Papers presented at national and international conferences * "Building the Foundation of Practical Knowledge: The Integration of Technology in