Ihab H

Financial Advisor




Gainesville, VA

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Accomplishments * 20 years of effective and progressive IT consultancy work, and program management professional expertise with GE Healthcare and GE Digital in the Middle East and Africa, and with CSRA in Washington DC area, and working in a variety of business domains for US DoD, IRS, USPTO, PBGC, DHS, and DOS * Participated in developing $1MM - $20MM technical proposals and marketing campaigns in the Middle East region for different GE business enterprise solutions including eHealth and Tele-ICU solutions to public and private healthcare providers * Established baseline analysis of regional customers' ecosystem, influenced customers' procurement and strategic business priorities, and designed integrated solution proposals to respond to customers' RFP, RFI, RFQ, and training and knowledge transfer, which exceeded customers' expectations and built effective PPPs * Successfully managed and delivered on system engineering and IT projects valued at $0.5MM - $5MM for public and private service providers, achieved 15-25% reduction in projected cost, maintained 25-35% profit margins, and consistently generated bottom-line quarterly revenues * Hired global SMEs to participate in design and delivery of high-quality IT solutions and business policies, and implement modern technologies in Enterprise Solution Architecture, eHealth and interoperability standards in iEMR, and iHIE, and cloud-based solutions and technologies for Asset Performance Management (APM) * Performed business, technical, and functional requirements and data gathering and analysis. Implemented full SDLC of integrated enterprise solution architectures, IT solutions, KPIs and dashboards, business workflows and systems integration, QA/QC, test and verification plans, Use Cases, and web-based software applications * Invested 50-70% of daily activities on customers' sites to build effective customer relationship, and manage vendors, system integrators, and SMEs operations to deliver on-time and under-budget projects' deliverables * Prepared project progress and financial reports, and conducted review meetings with customers' CXOs to monitor and approve capital spending, control of operational cost, access to business services, increase market share, influence evolving market dynamics, and adopt modern technologies and IT solutions * Communicated with customers in stimulating verbal and written techniques and public presentation skills, and used cost-benefit analysis and EVM to pivot alternative financial & technical solutions at - GE Digital * Successfully worked on a Saudi MoH's RFP at $20MM to design an integrated solution architecture for the next-generation, national, and cloud-based patients' appointment and referral system as part of a national Saudi HIS system * Effectively managed five APM projects in Qatar, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Angola, and Ivory Coast, worth at $130K - $2MM to deliver cloud-based technology solutions to proactively monitor assets' operations and efficiencies * Managed 10 lead engineers and technical professionals responsible for conducting technical services, tag and sensor mapping, and remote asset surveillance to analyze big data and perform proactive and reliability centered maintenance (RCM) of turbines, generators, etc. used in power, oil, and gas industries * Managed project execution, cross-functional work planning, POs, and reporting to business owners the risk mitigation, revenue forecast, asset planning, and customers' operational successes and savings * Senior Account Manager - GE Healthcare * Managed GEHC's partnership (CRM) with Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Group (SHMG) largest and most expanding private healthcare provider in Saudi, Dubai, and Bahrain, with 10 hospitals and 1200 beds * Successfully designed and implemented integrated solution architecture for a new and advanced Tele-ICU Command Center in one SHMG hospital in Riyadh and connected to 6 SHMG hospitals in Saudi and Dubai * Collaborated with SHMG CIO and CTO on marketing SHMG's HIS system (VIDA), and incorporated VIDA in GEHC's solution proposals to strategic RFPs valued $1MM - $2MM in Kenya, Qatar, and Saudi * Proactively managed GEHC cross-functional teams of 20 technical, sales, commercial, and integration specialists, and coordinated critical support for integrating GE modalities ($20MM) in SHMG's hospitals * Managed first globally acclaimed national iHIE program ($4.9MM) the "Saudi MOH's eHealth Interoperability Standards project.", to design 15 IHE profiles (Lab, Rad, Prescription, Patient ID, Healthcare Provider ID, etc.) using international standards including LONIC, XDS-I, HL7, DICOM * Managed the work of 17 international SMEs on eHealth standards policies best practices compliance, testing and verification eHealth use cases, profiles, and specifications security policies training programs public policies to enable eHealth national implementation, and building MOH's eHealth COE * Participated in eHealth HIMSS conferences and IHE Connectathons events, from $1MM - $1.5MM based on successful execution of Saudi MoH's eHealth program and collaborative work with SHMG