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SUMMARY: Wardell Henley has over 30 years experience, in Corporate Information Security, High Level Architectural Infrastructure design, and Project Management, Providing an Enterprise Collaboration of People, Process, and Technology, from a Strategic, Tactical, and Operational perspective. Strategic Recommendation, Design and Implementation of Functions, Departments, Processes, Roles, Responsibilities, Compliance, Governance, Five year plans, Enterprise Security Solutions, Policies, etc. Tactical Recommendation, Design and Implementation of Security Architectures, Tools, Tactics, Technologies, and Processes, to support the strategic direction, and provide Access Control, Authentication, Authorization, Data Integrity, and Non Reputation Identify Management, SSO, Encryption/ PKI Management, Passwords Management, etc. ( Applications, Database, Infrastructure, ( DMZ, VLAN, Server, Firewalls, etc), Logon-ID Management, Application and Data Base Security, Monitoring, Change Control, Standards, Guidelines, etc. Operational Recommendation, Design and Implementation of procedures, processes, and appropriate Separation of Duties for the Administration of stated Tactical Security Tools, Tactics, and Technologies listed above. He has experience in the following functions, which make up a complete corporate security umbrella EDP Auditor, Information Security, (Administrator/Consultant/ Specialist/ Architect/ Principle/Best Practice Specialist/Technologist, Management), Risk Manager, Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Manager, System Assurance/Change Control analyst, Record Management and Legal / Regulatory Compliancy. Each position held required various level of Project Management and Supervision PMO, Project Manager / Leader / Coordinator, Sr. Systems analyst, Business Core Process Analyst, Business Analysis, Functionally Analyst, etc. Mr. Henley has a Bachelor of Science degree from Langston University, Langston Oklahoma, and completed one year at the University, of Arkansas, Law School, at Fayetteville Arkansas. AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Technology Theorist (Current /Future), Project Manager, Project Lead, Project Coordinator, PMO, Data Base Designer, Various Analysts and other Professional Technical/Managerial etc. Worked as a PMO, Project Manager/Leader/Coordinator, Various Senior Analyst (Systems/Business/Business Core Process/Functional, etc.), interfacing with all levels of management, from C-level to staff, utilizing several project methodologies Arthur Anderson (Mehtod-1 and TFA), COBRA, Six Sigma DMAIC process, Spectrum, CMMI, Concept of Operations (CONOPS), Zachman Framework, for Architecture Design, Project Management Framework (PMF), Primavera Project Planner (P3), Work Flow, Agile Object Oriented, Matrix, Waterfall Model process, (Requirement, Design, Implementation, Verification, Maintenance) etc. Utilized, Accelerated SAP methodology (ASAP), Project Preparation, Business Blueprint, Realization, Final Preparation, Live & Support etc. BABOK, (Business Analysis Body of Knowledge) Version 1.6., People Soft Fit Gap analysis, Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle Developed several Executive reports, Audit Finding, White Papers, Enterprise Security Solution, Return on Investment (ROI), Return on Sales (ROS), Request for Proposal (RFP), Capital Planning Investment Control (CPIC), Statement of Work (SOW) and Request for Information (RFI). Participated in the implementation and security configuration design of several ERP systems/modules covering manufacturing, MRP, supply, utilities, healthcare, etc, (PeopleSoft, Oracle, SAP). Performed Proof of Concept (POC), / Proof of Principle, (POP), Utilized POC/POP for the following To verify that certain concepts or theories have the potential for real-world application Identify distinct processes with different objectives and participant roles Find solutions to technical problems Determine if a "" business model or idea is "" feasible Determine if the product is financially viable





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