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I am interested in a position that deals with project management and/or business analysis to help create new products and services or improve existing applications for customers or end internal users. This includes creating business requirements from the business line and translating them for development and seeing the project through to implementation. I am effective both as a Project Manager and a Business Analyst, and enjoy both areas. This past year I watched my 10 grandkids to save money for my kids. I am ready to get back to work. As a project manager/business analyst and operations analyst, I worked with both POS and ATM installations, dealing with new circuits, working with vendors (such as Verizon, Diebold and NCR) and bringing them up on the authorization system, ensuring that the link was solid and card authorizations worked properly. This included UAT testing with the merchant. Responsible for doing the due diligence to procure a new mail sorter with the vendor Lockheed Martin. This took approximately a year to complete and included some negotiation. The project needed to be cost positive and had to prove that it was worth the $1.5MM we were spending on the sorter. * Responsible for working with procurement and the infrastructure team to get new servers, circuits, modems, memory etc. to sunset an ATM monitoring system in Portland and bringing up its replacement in Olathe, KS. There were eight servers, 16 modems and thousands of circuits that had to be transferred, without any customer being affected. * My main focus as a business analyst were application upgrades, new application installations and modifications to existing in-house applications, internal and external web applications including design, as well as vendor applications. These applications included Mainframe, Web Based and Data Warehouse (Oracle data mapping and mapping for reporting applications). * Liason between the business line, development, the implementation team and internal and external communications. * Six years of point-to-point encryption experience, dealing with both POS and ATM transactions, as they use the same system for authorization (ACI software), as well as knowledge of EMV. * 12 years of experience with web-based authorization systems, where configurations to the systems can be made for things such as blocking a certain transaction type to prevent fraud. * Experience writing SQL queries to meet product manager and customer needs. * 12 years of experience with technical documentation for internal users and external clients. * Three years' experience with Deposit Automation which are imaged deposits, also known as "envelope-less" deposits, where the machine takes an image of the check in lieu of it going through back-end processing. * 20 years of experience with Siebel (similar to Peoplesoft), SAP and many other database applications, including WebFocus, Oracle and Cognos and SQL. * Seven years' experience with Siebel, which was used as a client database. QA testing and data validation was done by myself in a UAT environment. * Experience working with clients via phone/email etc. to solve their problems. * Experience helping clients with their marketing strategies. * Experience with creating a new Oracle database and mapping fields from the legacy system. * 12 years of managing third-party and internal application installations, or upgrades to existing applications. * Mainly worked with the Waterfall methodology, but was starting to use Agile, which is a series of waterfalls (iterations). Agile is not appropriate for all projects. It is very good for infrastructure projects which isn't necessarily the correct path for application development/improvements. * Data and cyber security experience including identity access management, setting up new users in the application (s), maintaining them and changing access for clients and internal users. Identity management for internal and external users for web, mainframe, vendor and internal applications. Applications had their own security, but Active Directory was used to bank-wide secury. * Managed budgets up to $500,000 for infrastructure related projects. An application move from Portland, OR, to Overland Park, KS required all new hardware, new circuits (IP and Analog for the new system. * 7+ years of experience with Clarity and Sharepoint. * 5+ years' experience with ERP/Peoplesoft applications. * 12 years experience with Change Management and Release Management in the PMO group. * Experience in moving/upgrading a vendor application including new infrastructure in Kansas. Sun-setting a system in Portland, OR. * Experience with user experience and interface design, conducting user group sessions to align the business or external customers with the best possible ease of use and making it aesthetically pleasing to the user. * 11 years' experience working with national and regional networks (Visa, MC, Pulse, Co-Op, CU24, NETS, PLUS, Shazam etc.). Developed many friendships with people from the various networks and get along with them well. Worked with the various networks to set up certification time and tracked all testing, to ensure it met the timeframe. * Experience working on projects dealing with PCI/(CISP - the old term), EMV, Hogan, Base 24, Mainframe and. many other applications. Experience designing and creating new functionality on the Base 24 application. Worked on and wrote requirements from moving from native Base 24 to the new Windows platform. * Worked with three different ATM platforms = Prodigy, Native (old green screens) and Windows-based. * Coordinated stress testing on the POS/ATM application, as we had 2.000,000,000+ transactions per year. * Experience with implementing EMV technology for debit and credit. * Experience with data security, user setup and identity access management. * Release and implementation management experience, deploying about eight projects a year, with no customer negative impact. * Creating release management calendars with logical dates and physical dates, with input from the business lines, development and the people that must extract the desired data.