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Career Summary A human service professional, with eighteen years experienced as case manager, who is motivated to serve individuals who have intellectual developmental disabilities. One with expertise to develop and implement waiver benefits strategies that provide total quality support for individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities, residential and/or day services setting. I have a proven track records of completing individuals support plan, additional waiver acquisitions on schedule and within budget to meet the needs of individuals. I also have excellent interpersonal skills, professional attitude, and an outgoing personality to see tough jobs through independently or as a term member. I have computer skills to include Microsoft word, power points and excel. Also, a human services professional noted of making dynamic results, oriented service that is aligned with mission and vision of agencies for the benefit of the individual happens and on time. Program Manager Jubilee of Maryland in Montgomery County: Aug '13 - Present 2017 (3 Years, 5 Months) * Facilitates supportive services/consulting and supervision of 28 Residential/Support Counselors, at community and residential setting, to include supporting them completed their trainings to meet agency and state requirements. Making home and vocational visits, developing and making sure IP goals are accomplished, to include maintaining case health and safety protocol files, * Scheduled team/house staff and resident's monthly meetings with full/part time staff, conducted house face to face visits with residents and liaised between agency and family members and succeeded in promoting cordial family/agency relations and other community and natural support for residents. * Succeeded in updating resident's records to meet Developmental Disability Administration (DDA) requirements and provision of additional waive funds for the 18 residents requiring additional funding due to aging, behavior and dementia issues. Succeeded in promoting resident's general welfare through weekly house inspections, medications and medical visit monitoring, routine house vehicles maintenance and house cleanliness. * Reviewed residents IP goals and makes sure they are assisted to accomplish or amend if not attainable, reviewed daily logs, MAR and report any medication errors to delegating nurse, for staff training, checked stock of food, to include Emergency Food if they match with menu and client's nutritional value, reviewed fire drills and other emergency protocol logs in the home, interacted with residents for concerns and how it can be solved. Reviewed each client's outcomes/communication/behavior and working with their Case workers/personnel to improve upon their general welfare. Program Manager/DDP: Jones Cody Personal Care Homes: Feb '12 - Aug '13 (1 Year Contract for Accreditation) * Succeeded in supporting 5 House Managers and 17 Direct Care staff support 19 adults with intellectual/physical disabilities. Initiated and succeeded in making the agency meet the state regulatory requirement for state certifications. * Conducted oversight and managerial duties of these 5 residential facilities, to including ISP (IP) meetings and IP goals management, client's health and general welfare, social and recreational activities to include transportation to and from social and medical activities. * Coordinated case management of individuals and agency to include maintaining and monitoring Quality Improvement (QI), staff training and scheduling per state and agency requirements. * Attended state mandatory meetings and training on-behalf of agency and succeeded in bring the agency to compliance with state regulatory training and over 70% staff retention and general revenue by 50%. * Operations Manager/DDP, Bright-star Homes & Services, Jan '10- Feb '12 (2-year Contract for Accreditation) Overseen the general operations and management of 5 ALU homes and 9 Host homes, and succeeded in in monitoring of resident's behavior and medical records to meet state regulatory requirement. . Assisted residents met their medical and residential needs, supervised and evaluated ALU and host-home staffs/families met state regulatory requirements. * . Attended state organized mandatory/official trainings and meetings on behalf of agency and used knowledge gathered for staff in-service trainings. Increased staff training from below 45% to 75% in 2 years. Succeeded in promoting positive relationship between parents/families, and state case workers. Succeeded in improving resident's documentation from manual to electronic assessable on-line for those with assess, promoted monthly and quarterly reports to meet state regulatory requirement. Case Manager/Support Coordination Prof. Case Management Service of America, Inc. Oct '05 - Aug '10 (5 Years, 10 Months) * Provided on-going case management services for 41 persons (caseload) diagnosed with intellectual and developmental disabilities on my case-load. Persons served received services from the Home and Community Based Waiver in Georgia Region 3. Served in community agency as service coordinator and advocate for individuals receiving services by providing oversight of community services programs and the delivery for the Medicaid Waiver Program through Georgia Region 3 Medicaid program. * Developed and maintained strong community alliances with local/state agencies and utilized key coalitions and strategic interagency partnerships in service delivery. Oversight of the administering network of comprehensive community based service Food Stamp Program, Local Nutrition/Food Programs, Medicaid, preplacement Programs, Employment Programs, Residential Programs, Habilitation and Day Programing options) providers in Georgia Region 3. * Collaborated to ensure documents required to maintained Medicaid eligibility and income requirements to remain eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) / Social Security Disability Insurance Program (SSDI) benefits, Temporary Assistance of Needy Families (TANF), Health Care for Children with Special Needs and other benefits are accurate and remain current. Attend the appointments with the person as liaison. * Consulted with Local/State Agencies, Stakeholders, and persons served to encourage self-advocacy, coordinated the delivery of services. Motivated program participates by conducted monitoring of a wide variety of service providers/venders for eligible persons to promote a meaningful personal goal achievement. * Facilitated supportive services/consulting for persons served, family members to address special concerns and ease the transition into eligible programs. Forged community connections benefiting staff, persons served and families in an on-going basis. Collaborated closely with interdisciplinary team members on development of appropriate person centered plans/goals that meet the desired needs of (Community Based Programs) and placement in federal, state, local developmental program. * Facilitated, coordinated and developed the annual Individual Support Plan (ISP) meeting, including coordinating and scheduling meeting to ensure it represents what is important to the person and per Person Centered. Ensured it contains services, supports, goals and strategies that will maximize good health, safety, privacy independence, relationship, inclusion, employment if necessary, decision-making and personal responsibility. Coordinated with the person and members of the person's circle of support to ensure necessary person-centered assessments and interviews are completed to inform the planning process. These assessments included level of needs assessments, Risk Screening, Person-Centered Thinking Tools, Positive Personal Profile review of Vocational Assessments, Diagnostic Assessment for behavior support, Clinical Assessments such as Physical Therapy Assessments, Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Psychological Assessments, Nutrition and other service needs. * Monitored person's in various residential settings to ensure their direct needs are met. Settings include Nursing Homes, Natural Homes, Residential Facilities, Supervised Apartment Settings, and Independent Living. Evaluated customer service and progress to ensure receipt of all prescribed services. Conducted residential and day/vocational program monitoring, coordinates site visit with provider review program, medical and clinical records, observes program delivery and environment interviews the person and staff, and completes monitoring tool and notes for the record. House Manager/Service Coordinator: Jewish Family & Career Services Apr '98 - Aug '05 (7 Ys, 4Ms) * Supervised and assisted clients with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), coordinated doctor visits and ensured clients remained medication compliant. * Promoted relationship by liaising between residents, employers, support coordination, and parents for resident's general welfare, Supervised and assisted residents with financial transactions and money management, promoting a more stable and genuine financial statements for residents. * Submitted documentation and monthly reports of residents in timely, efficient manner to meet state requirement and developed community collaboration to ensure and enhance resident's community opportunities.