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Personal Summary I have just completed my Master of Science Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering at NYU and has a Bachelor's of Science in Communication Engineering. I have extensive experience using Python, Java, C++, computer networking in IT industry, 1 year researching systems and in software development. I am technical, analytical, have problem solving skills, have strict attention to detail and ability to work independently and can collaborate within a team environment. I am currently teaching in the Data Center and Cloud Computing and a quick learner who excels at developing. The most interesting project that I have been working on is mining big data with SPARK. This project aims at enhancing the quality of service of live streaming. As the growing popularity of video content and especially live streaming there is enormous pressure upon the internet and when a large number of people is looking at a same content simultaneously the quality of the experience will decline as a result. Sometimes using Content Delivery Network technology (put content distributively over the internet) can remit the pressure of the network but still same content is delivering thousands of times which is unnecessary. Our team tried to design a distribute cloud system which can adaptively catch the hot spot and effectively deliver the video content to the users. And my responsibility in the team is to catch the problem of the existing system. Using API and web crawling we got huge amount of data describing the information and details of live streaming from Facebook Live and Twitch. By mining the data with SPARK we found the way to catch hot video content effectively and able to compare the quality of service with others. Also this method will be used in the new system to detect popular video content and start our new system. Also I have worked on a Machine Learning project upon the field of image processing. Machine Learning is the state of art technology and everyone is trying to take advantage of this technology. This project aimed to take a series of low resolution images as input and uses the technology of super resolution reconstruction to obtain high resolution images by applying use Convolutional Neural Network. The technology of super-resolution for images is advanced and valuable. When we started the project we found that there had some academic study upon this area and there had already some great works. But we found that all the algorithms are trying to do this is quite slow some takes even seconds to process an image. Then we decided to go further and extent these works and hopefully make it faster enough to process video (at least 24 fps) without lower the quality too much. After weeks' research and trying finally with some tricky solution we achieved out of the target. The other two projects I have been working on were both related to an open source software Network Simulator 3 which operates on Linux system. This software can set up specific network environment and get the corresponding simulation result. One of my projects is regarding to MPTCP (MultiPath TCP) which is a promising extension of TCP. Unlike traditional TCP which takes advantage of only one route MPTCP is able to use multiple routes to send data to the destination. The other project is the design of transport layer protocol in LTE environment. As a wireless environment LTE suffer from many problems such as unstable link and high delay especially when it comes to online VR application which has extremely high demand on delay (or user will file dizzy). These two projects require writing simulation code in C++ writing scripts in Python and Perl also use several particular tools to analyze large amounts of data. In a recent year I have been working on two part-time job in New York University. One is Research Assistant in NYU's High Speed Network Lab which requires me to participate and help with research work. The other one is Teaching Assistant that needs me to teach the Lab session for the Data Center and Cloud Computing course. The one-year work cultivates my robust ability to analyze issues programming communicating with people and team cooperation. Also when I was an undergraduate student I had worked as an intern in EASYWAY Co. Ltd which is a high-tech company located in Suzhou China. The project I took part in was trying to develop a media system for high-speed train. During that time I was mainly taking response for FPGA programming and documentation.