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Manufacturing Baker - 20 Years of Experience - Near 53208


Manufacturing Baker

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PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY I'm a self motivated person i have forklift skills with 5 yrs driving in distrubution, I have 9 yrs experince as a machine operator as well as handling raw materia. I have been in manufactoring for 20 years. chutes * Clean equipment with steam, hot water, and hoses. * Clear or dislodge blockages in bins, screens, or other equipment, using poles, brushes, or mallets. * Dump sugar dust from collectors into melting tanks and add water to reclaim sugar lost during processing. * Fill or remove product from trays, carts, hoppers, or equipment, using scoops, peels, or shovels, or by hand. * Install equipment, such as spray units, cutting blades, or screens, using hand tools. * Observe flow of materials and listen for machine malfunctions, such as jamming or spillage, and notify supervisors if corrective actions fail. * Observe temperature, humidity, pressure gauges, and product samples and adjust controls, such as thermostats and valves, to maintain prescribed operating conditions for specific stages. * Observe, feel, taste, or otherwise examine products during and after processing to ensure conformance to standards. * or use shovels to load or remove products from ovens or other equipment. * Operate or tend equipment that roasts bakes dries or cures food items such as cocoa and coffee beans grains nuts and bakery products. * Push racks or carts to transfer products to storage cooling stations or the next stage of processing. * Read work orders to determine quantities and types of products to be baked dried or roasted. Record production data such as weight and amount of product processed type of product and time and temperature of processing. * Set temperature and time controls light ovens burners driers or roasters and start equipment such as conveyors cylinders blowers driers or pumps. * Signal coworkers to synchronize flow of materials. Smooth out products in bins pans trays or conveyors using rakes or shovels. * Start conveyors to move roasted grain to cooling pans and agitate grain with rakes as blowers force air through perforated bottoms of pans. * Take product samples during or after processing for laboratory analyses. * Test products for moisture content using moisture meters. Weigh or measure products using scale hoppers or scale conveyors.


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General Mills Machine Operator / Utility 3 6/2004 - 10/2016




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