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is a pilot plant Job Title: Project Site Superintendant, Special Projects, Chancellor, SD for the solid fuel boiler project. To convert the energy use from using natural gas to burning wood chips. This is a test pilot project completed late 2009. Significantly reduced contractors change order invoices by knowing the scope of their contracts. Overcame many obstacles and still completed the project on schedule and under budget. (Formerly Broin & Associates) where I was in charge of the grains expansions increasing product storage capabilities. Turned around an off track grains expansion project and overcame a setback of 60+ rain days causing severe flooding and still completed the expansion on time and saved tens of thousands of dollars in change orders. This Hudson was also a 60M green-field plant. It was built from the ground up, start to finish with all the duties of the above projects. From Hudson I was asked to become a part of the special projects team as well as perform my Superintendant duties. 4/2003: Broin & Associates, Sioux Falls, SD (Known now as Poet Energy) was an expansion project to increase production from 40M to 60M. I performed all the duties as described above with the exception of dismantling and expanding the existing structures and replace them with larger capacity units and buildings. There was also a CO2 process unit added to increase production. This was a green-field project This was a green-field project, bare ground to completion. This job consisted of all the duties of the above projects. This was a 60 MGY project with an average number of 14-20 contractors with an average of 100 employees. This plant is now producing 108% according to Vital Magazine. 4/2002: Broin & Associates, Sioux Falls, SD (Known now as Poet Energy) bare ground to completion. The job consisted of all the aspects of the Dakota Ethanol plant from concrete to completion with added duties including managing and scheduling 14 sub-contractors and their crews. Upon completion of Tall Corn Ethanol I was promoted to Site Superintendant and moved on to NEMO Ethanol Macon MO. After completion of the concrete phase at Dakota Ethanol I was offered a position with Broin & Associates to help complete the construction phase of the project. My duties were to assist the Site Superintend with all areas of the project. This was a green-field project bare ground to completion buildings and equipment installation. The building process included Concrete phase grains building receiving distillation evaporation hammer-mills process and equipment maintenance cooling towers dryers storage tanks administration building scales pipe racks civil grading and paving railroad installation fire systems grains systems storage building fermentation electrical plumbing HVAC housekeeping seeding and cosmetics of the grounds. I was promoted Assistant Site Superintendant. Foreman for John T. Jones at the Dakota Ethanol plant Wentworth SD