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ADDENDUM TO RESUME Dear Sir: Although I feel that I would be a valuable addition to your staff, a dry reading of my resume would probably be insufficient to show why. Therefore, I am including this addendum to give you a fuller picture of my experience. I have both legal and management experience. In the legal field, I was an Assistant Public Defender in Brevard County, after an internship in Miami-Dade County. During my internship, I assisted in creating the Bond Hearing Unit in the Public Defender's Office taking clients from the initial hearing after arrest through arraignment. I coordinated the paperwork and both assigned interviewers to gain information from the clients and interviewed many myself after initial appearances. I also determined which cases required special handling; such as calling relatives or others for assistance in helping clients make bond, setting special hearings for mental health evaluations, and ensuring that attorneys and investigators were notified for cases where evidence or witnesses might be unavailable post-arraignment. At the Public Defender's Office in Brevard, I was first assigned to the Juvenile Division representing clients in delinquency cases. I also gained experience in dependency cases for that is often where the money was too assist indigent children. After approximately six months, I was transferred to the Felony division where I had my first jury trial. I spent most of my remaining time in the felony division although I did some County Court work wherein I gained some experience with the appellate system doing county court appeals. Also, while in the felony court, I did a Writ of Prohibition in a criminal case which was reported on in Volume 547 in Southern Reporter 2nd under Lenard V. State. I also did Violation of Probation hearings and some 3.850 hearings for post-conviction relief. After leaving the Public Defender's Office in 1992, I did some criminal and custody trial work in Brevard County. I also was employed by Brevard as a special counsel assisting in a murder case. I left Brevard at the end of 1996 and returned to Miami. After working for myself and doing overflow from various law firms in the family law and criminal area, I began a business manufacturing women's sandals and selling them to various shoe stores within the United States. This business had three employees and was a close-held subchapter S corporation known as SANDALINO, Inc... Such business lasted until it was liquidated in 2013. During its best years it grossed approximately $100,000. I was in charge of sales, manufacture and management of employees along with some bookkeeping. Unfortunately, my partner in the endeavor died and I had no choice but to end the business. During this time, I also did some law mainly DUI cases and traffic tickets. I also had experience with the law concerning debt, dissolution of marriage, general civil litigation and will contests. And I have a more than passing familiarity with laws concerning non-profit corporations and trademarks. Thank you for your attention. If there is any further information you would like, please donít hesitate to contact me. Michael J. Lucas