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Radiologic Technologist


Portland, OR

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SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS * Experience operating Computed Tomography equipments: GE 64, Philips Brilliance 64, Hitachi Scenaria 64, and Philips MX 8000. * Proficient in IV/Angio Cath starts and administration of rapid injection of contrast. * Strong analytical, organizational, patient care skills. * Extensive knowledge of Computed Tomography procedures, computer functions, and cross sectional anatomy. * Demonstrated specific normal anatomy and abnormal pathology by the use of scan techniques, reconstruction and 3D reformation. * Experienced in PACS/Epic. * Extensive ER/OR/Trauma experience. June 2015 - CENTER FOR MEDICAL IMAGING, HILLSBORO, OR June 2017 RADIOLOGIC TECHNOLOGIST * Performed imaging procedures according to physician orders and protocols utilizing knowledge and training with regard to exposure factors, imaging techniques and patient treatment protocols. * Prepared contrast material and medications with sterile technique and assisted physicians fluoroscopy examinations: MRI and CT arthrograms, Upper GI, Lumbar puncture, Small bowel series, Barium enema, and Myelogram. March 2014 - PROVIDENCE SAINT JOHN'S MEDICAL CENTER, SANTA MONICA, CA Nov. 2014 CT TECHNOLOGIST * Performed imaging procedures according to physician's orders. * Entered scan data as requested, slice thickness, scan time and other technical information into computer using knowledge of radiologic technology and computed tomography. * Followed Health and Safety Policies and Procedures of Quality Care. * Assisted in CT guided needle biopsy. Nov. 2009 - CENTINELA HOSPITAL MEDICAL CENTER, INGLEWOOD, CA Nov. 2014 CT TECHNOLOGIST * Performed quality diagnostic CT examination. * Interviewed patient's for history while explaining routine procedures. * Positioned and immobilized patients on examining table, using supportive devices to obtain precise patient's position and followed protocols specified by radiologist. * Administered contrast media and monitored patient's. * Assisted in CT guided needle biopsy. May 2007 - CEDARS-SINAI MEDICAL CENTER, LOS ANGELES, CA March 2009 RADIOLOGIC TECHNOLOGIST * Performed general diagnostics, fluoroscopy examinations, portables, and operated OEC 9800, OEC 9800 Plus, and Philips BV Pulsera. * Reviewed, evaluated, and developed x-rays, or computer generated information to determine if images were satisfactory for diagnostic purposes. * Assured patient safety and satisfaction.