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COVER LETTER: To Whom It May Concern, Subject: Reference for Mr. Robert Carr I have worked with Robert Carr across a number of roles and relationships over the past 15 years and I am pleased to provide this reference in connection with any relevant work opportunities that may arise. My first experience with Mr. Carr was when I was at Alstom Transportation, as Project Director, in two roles reporting to me on a major project for 1662 New York City Transit R160 subway cars. Mr. Carr was initially in the role of Procurement Manager and subsequently moved into a Project Management role where his responsibilities also included the R142 car propulsion equipment subcontract with Bombardier Transportation. In both of these demanding positions, Mr. Carr was successful, drawing on his action-oriented and common sense approach to problem solving. Although at times Mr. Carr strongly challenged his teams to meet the goals and objectives that were set, he had a personality and leadership style that could inspire people to follow his lead and strive for the targets he aimed to achieve. After a period of time spent in China and Mexico, Mr. Carr returned to the USA, still with Alstom, and we again worked together closely when he was in the role of Project Manager and I was Vice President & Customer Director and I found the experience he had gained outside of the US had further enhanced his skills and abilities. In recent years, in his role as Project Director at Wabco, l encountered Mr. Carr when I was Executive Vice President at Kawasaki Rail Car, and I witnessed him from a Customers perspective. In that capacity I again saw his action-oriented approach to project management and also his customer focus, striving to find ways to achieve Wabco commitments and to solve problems without compromising customer needs. His personality was again helpful in gaining a good working relationship with customer contacts he worked with at Kawasaki. Mr. Carr has a very solid background in project management and also in procurement and supply chain management. His approach to business is characterized by his action oriented and customer focused problem solving style and I am confident that he can provide a valuable contribution in any organization that is seeking candidates to fill a results oriented role. Yours faithfully f" 4 To Whom It May Concern: It is a pleasure to write this letter endorsing Robert Carr, a hard worker with an excellent record for completing on time many challenging tasks. I have known Bob for about 20 years and I first met him when he was an employee of Alstom. As the NYCT Program Manger of new subway cars and retiring as the Chief Mechanical Officer, I was Bob's client for several years. Bob was always customer friendly and very proud of his contribution in successfiilly delivering very reliable passenger cars to the greatest metro in the world. His technical knowledge and great attitude made him a very effective worker. If you require additional information, you can call me at 516-582-0364 or email me at Gene Sansone CHZMHILL Sr. Consultant Retired MTA NYCT CMO August 11,2017 To whom it may concern, Over the past nine months, l have had the privilege of working closely with Mr. Robert Carr on the HR 4000 Vehicle Procurement Contract for Los Angeles Metro. During this period, I have been impressed with Mr. Carr's Project Managements skills, work ethic, and overall professionalism. His attention to detail, ability to identify and focus on critical tasks, organizational skills and enthusiastic team oriented approach to problem solving have enabled Mr.Carr to successfully lead his team through the early stages of this project. Mr. Carr has a solid understanding of the steps required manage a successful Vehicle Project and through his many years of lndustry experience, possesses a firm technical understanding of the intricacies of vehicle systems and the criticality of systems integration. Sincerely, Joseph Keeffe


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