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Electronics Engineer - 9 Years of Experience - Near 78732


Electronics Engineer


Austin, TX

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SUMMARY •US permanent resident fully authorized to work in the US (Green Card, EB-11) •PhD in Electronic Engineering from The University of Tokyo in Japan and Xi’an Jiaotong University •10 years hardware and chips experience including the development of video and image processing/monitoring chips, Closed loop trajectory correction system chips based on real time graph and image feedback, Video codec development based on H.264/H.265 using C/C++, Matlab, and Java, Python. •10 years software, image and video processing and control experience, including image/video capture, graphics detection, data compression, multi-frame image processing, Jitter and flicker processing, Low gray level image enhancement, Graphic edge detection, Brightness enhancement technology, network transmission experience, using programming language such as MATLAB, C, and Java, Python, MySQL. •16 years ASIC, FPGA design experience Knowledgeable on High Level Design (C, C++, SystemC and SystemVerilog), RTL Coding (VHDL, Verilog HDL), System, Timing analysis, and Logic Verification, Physical Design (Floor planning, Place and Route, Layout, Clock Insertion), good at Altera QuartusII, Xilinx ISE / Vivado, Synopsys, ModelSim, Aldec Active-HDL, synthesis, APR, STA, LVS, Synopsys ICC, DFT tools, scripting in Python. •6 years experience of communication technological research experience including research on standardization of the communication systems consists of 3G, 4G LTE, LTE-Advanced, as well as key technology research and simulation on PHY, MAC, MIMO, such as OFDM, Carrier Aggregation, Uplink Power Control (ULPC), Inter-Cell Interference Coordination (ICIC), and QoS, using Matlab/C++ and OPNET. •More than 10 years experience of PCB design including schematic capture, PCB layout and multilayer high density interconnect printed circuits using DDR, SDRAM, FPRA, ARM, FPGA, ASIC, and image processing chips; proficient with PCB design software such as Cadence, AutoCAD, Cadence Allegro, Altium Designer (AD), and Mentor. •9 years experience of intellectual property management including drafting patent, patent application, data mining, monitoring and early warning of patent infringement. •Held 166 china invention patents, 17 united states patents, and 48 Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) patents; obtained a total amount of US $10,000,000 in aid, a total amount of US $5,000,000 in shipments, and generate economic benefits of US $100,000,000. •Prizes and Awards : Information Industry Whose Significant Technological Invention Award, Top 100 Innovative Talent, high-level entrepreneurial talent, Xi'an Science and Technology Award, High-Tech Enterprise Entrepreneur Award •Chinese Institute of electronics senior member •Post-Doctoral supervisor