Nicholas M

Supply Chain Manager - 20 Years of Experience - Near 11520


Supply Chain Manager

Education Level:

High School/GED

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CAREER HIGHLIGHTS / ACHIEVEMENTS MATRIX Northern Trucking & Logistics Corporation (now Farren International) (2002 - Present) a) Merged with Farren in 2013 and serve as this $40 million total logistics solutions-company's Executive Vice President and on the Board of Directors - manage a $15 million budget, 100 drivers, 150 personnel, overall, and the expansion of account sales actively participate in bimonthly Board of Directors meetings b) Completely developed and grew Northern, as the company's President, from a marginal $500K business to a profitable $12 million operation with hands-on P&L control and management of all sales and business administration for trucking, rigging, and air freight on a domestic and international scale closely and analytically administered company finances and profitability factors c) Personally brought in such major accounts as Mitsubishi, Consolidated Edison, Indian Point Power Plant, Florida Power & Light sold and serviced these and other accounts, concentrating on the power/utility industry d) Consistently produced sales and business growth by efficiently controlling every facet of logistics and warehousing for multimillion-dollar inventories - directing distribution for thousands of items on a worldwide scale and maintaining a 99.8% accuracy rate ensuring superior customer service, accurate billing, and overall operation profitability e) Efficiently selected, negotiated, and purchased all carrier contracts - obtaining the best quality at the least cost f) Skillfully setup and ran distribution/shipping operations - all inbound/outbound shipments worldwide effectively controlled the processes and led employees through daily activities supporting the operations environment - scheduling all workload requirements in warehousing, receiving, distribution, and credit functions g) Effectively controlled the availability of necessary resources to meet or exceed operational goals and effectively guided, directed, and motivated the workforce within rapidly changing environments to satisfy all departmental requirements h) Delegated work to both line and management employees interviewed, hired, and oriented staff recruited drivers, negotiated contracts and maintained operational records - conducted annual performance reviews for all staff - Haz-Mat, OSHA training and TSA obligations i) Acted as liaison for both import and export truck routing including LTL and all domestic shipments j) Accurately compiled, processed, and analyzed extensive informational and financial data for precise business decision-making - managing OS&D weekly reports, interacting with sister stations, and relieving station of freight in a timely manner k) Efficiently assessed the immediate and continuing needs of distribution/logistics business to establish priorities for providing appropriate managerial interventions based on urgency level l) Developed, implemented, and managed innovations to new and existing distribution/logistics functions that have served as "blueprints" for continual improvements in quality control, cost reductions, and productivity - better inventory accuracy/tracking improved safety measures miss-ship review procedures inventory audit procedures inbound/outbound routing guides m) Always ensure consistent work excellence and responsiveness Regional Sales Vice President: G.O.D. 2001 - 2002 * Traveled throughout the nation and opened up brand new terminals from a zero base to profitability Terminal Manager: New Penn Motor Express 1989 - 2001 * Grew business at one location to $25 million for this $200 million northeast regional LTL service through better sales and operations management. Skillfully managed both Teamsters and Longshoreman personnel, up to 300 employees