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Administrative Assistant - 20 Years of Experience - Near 22408


Administrative Assistant

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PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY: More than 25 years of experience as a Human Relations leader at all levels in multiple private and government organizations. Exceptional performance as a developer of Human Resources policies for Department of Defense (DOD) agencies. Superlative experience in managing budgets and operations to achieve strategic objectives with optimal efficiency. An astute problem solver with demonstrated capability to determine relevant metrics, conduct market research, and find innovative methods for process improvements. A capable manager with proven success in improving operations within programs involving hundreds of personnel distributed across numerous facilities at locations throughout the U.S. Tremendous communication skills, with experience in building coalitions and agreements between DOD organizations, clients, and government agencies and among subcontract organizations in a diverse range of business environments. A dynamic, versatile leader capable of innovating and implementing policies to improve travel, budget, personnel, and operational management structures within organizations of any size conducting a wide variety of operations in service to the federal government. PROFESSIONAL HIGHLIGHTS: *Resolved multiple issues with the heavy job payroll system, ensuring timely payment for all personnel and reconciling labor disputes over payment issues. The improved staff relations improved productivity and enhanced organizational performance. *Successfully ensured that the organization met staffing goals at all sites to meet criteria for a bonus according to contract terms, winning a $6M bonus on the project. *Created a weekly newsletter for the organization with an incorporated "Employee of the Week" section, enhancing communication between leadership and staff at lower levels, improving personnel relations through enhanced understanding of operations, and providing motivation through recognizing personnel for exceptional efforts. *Assumed responsibility for hiring processes in order to reduce excessive turnover rates. Successfully reduced the turnover rate by 30%. As a result, the customer invested greater trust in the organization and increased contract funding and responsibilities. *Assumed control of 43 identification card issue facilities distributed throughout the U.S. Inspected facilities and corrected more than 1K records deficiencies as part of an intensified plan to achieve heightened standards of excellence. The U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) was recognized by the DOD as the identification card issuing agency with the highest customer satisfaction rating. *Rewrote the USCG's Weight Abeyance Program guidelines, changing how the organization dealt with service member weight deficiencies on a nationwide basis. *Managed the organization's preparation for an annual audit of a $65K operating budget. The organization passed with high praise for the organization and attention to detail in recordkeeping procedures. *As Chief of Administration, managed the reassignment of 43 new members into the command, growing from 49 personnel to 92. *As Chief of Administration and lead Travel Authorization Officer, processed and approved more than 1.1K travel claims valued in excess of $500K.