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Qualifications for the posted position Possesses ten years of experience as a medical practitioner and educator, chiropractic education at UWS (WSCC) in USA, plus three years of experience making presentations and networking for relief and development organizations, fundraiser coordination, capacity building, and supervising administrative operations. Fluent in English and Arabic. AREAS OF EXPERTISE Treating and medical management various muscular skeletal diseases e.g. disc, ankylosis spondylsis, scoliosis. . Teaching basic medical sciences as anatomy and physiology at UWS (WSCC). Treating numerous cases of sport injuries e.g. sprain, strain and torn ligament. Interpreter various radiology images e.g. MRI and X-rays Performing all skeletal X-ray images Apply various physiotherapy modalities e.g. US and laser. .Project Management * Information Technology * Office Administration * Operations Management Strategic Planning * Risk Management * Budget/Proposal Preparation * Medical Practice MANAGEMENT CONTRIBUTIONS 1Secured non-exempt, non-profit licensing for the US branch of an international relief organization. 2Implemented new regulations that facilitated proposal creation and expedited headquarters' approval. 3Expanded a local office's total budget and grew a development project's entire budget. 4Restructured communication among physicians, family members, and patients to facilitate greater shared understanding of medical situations. 5Reorganized a business' finances and budgeting process and improved company payroll record management. 6Increased profits by enrolling new groups in a hospital insurance program and instituted new regulations to benefit an emergency care clinic's performance. PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES 7Defined and directed fundraising activities in the US for an international organization, conducting presentations for community groups and individuals, networking with relief and development agencies to coordinate services, and composing and submitting applications for financial support through foundations, trusts, and grants. 8Selected and managed foreign-based relief and development projects, writing proposals, soliciting funds, allocating and monitoring the use of funds, assessing project progress through reports and evaluations, and synchronizing efforts with regional directors. 9Directed all operations for a healthcare business, including budgeting, payroll, physician communication, and financial reporting. 10 Delivered diagnostic and therapeutic medical care and services, spanning routine and emergency medical and surgical care, for a population of 2,100. 11 Teaching and upgrading lecturing as well as helping in creating new curriculum in one of the fast growing private collage. 12 Treating and diagnosis various musculo-skeletal diseases. Able to interpreter radiological images e.g. MRI, CT and X-ray. 13) Learning health care information and administration sciences from university of Phoenix and earning Masters Degree MHA/INF.