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a position with operations and/or maintenance integration and test engineering in the satellite ground systems field. Professional Experience Summary Have 37+ years in all aspects of satellite support, from factory and launch compatibility testing, on orbit support, end-of life support and systems engineering. * Integrate, test and verify newer satellite ground support equipment to replace aging and obsolete fielded systems. * Ground station equipment experience includes spectrum and signal analyzers, Satmodems, up and downconverters, BERT, receivers, bit synchronizers, PCM decomutators, analog and digital recorders, VCOs and SCDs, antennas and the RT Logic70/70XL Digital Signal processors. * Proficient in using signal analyzers to obtain phase noise, noise figure and band density measurements. * Proficient in using programmable network analyzers to obtain S-parameter measurements for waveguide couplers, amplifier gain and 1dB compression. * Antenna experience includes: o Ultra High Frequency (UHF) antenna operator and maintainer experience with 2 Log Periodic (LP), 9 LP, Quad Helix and 20-foot antennas with medium power transmitters. o S-band operator and maintainer experience with 8-foot, 12-foot, 23-foot, 10-meter and 60-foot antennas with medium to high power transmitters. o X-band antenna operator and maintainer experience with 4-foot, 6-foot, 10-meter and 60 - ft antenna systems with low to high power transmitters. * More than 27+ years' experience in support of the USAF AFSCN ground station operational satellite support. In performance of AFSCN missions, progressed through the ranks as a technician, to shift supervisor, and finally as a site supervisor. * For employment purposes, my career service with Lockheed Martin is 37+ years.