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COVER LETTER I have been in private practice for 33 years in clinical neurology. Due to the changing times in medicine, with the loss of control of patient care in favor of the large insurance companies, it has become more and more difficult to continue in practice. As a result, I have experienced what is known as “burnout”, and therefore I am looking for a change. I graduated medical school from the University of Brussels with honors in 1971. I completed my internal medicine/neurology residency at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, where in 1978 I served as chief resident. I have been working as a clinical neurologist in private practice in South Florida since 1982. I have also worked as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Neurology at the University of Miami, principal investigator at a local Pharmaceutical Biomedical Center, Medical Advisor to the Life Extension Foundation, and was on the active staff of multiple hospitals, as well as skilled nursing facilities. I have been a principal investigator of a clinical trial to evaluate a protocol for obesity, and a new treatment for Alzheimer’s disease. I have always had an active interest in research, which started as a medical student (where I was designated as a research assistant to the neuroanatomy professor in the medical school), continued into residency, and ultimately into private practice. My clinical research interests include developing newer and more effective methods of diagnosing and treating neurological conditions. I have worked extensively with brain injuries and pain. I have developed innovative protocols, by integrating traditional and alternative methods, which effectively reverse neurological deficits, such as traumatic brain injury. More recently, I have developed a multidisciplinary treatment approach to treating both chronic pain and peripheral neuropathy, especially the diabetic type. My most recent advance in the treatment to reverse brain injuries is to combine my methods with neurofeedback, and I have observed a synergistic effect which accelerates clinical improvement. I continue to actively pursue other avenues of diagnosis or treatment of common neurological conditions.