Aniruddha B

Analyst - 20 Years of Experience - Near 01701




Framingham, MA

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PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY Highly experienced advanced analytics professional who solves complex business problems in a variety of industries/consultancies. Advises on markets, consumers, and financially sustainable strategies, using data and evidence-based analytical models. Leads and works in teams. Excellent communicator, able to distill complex analytical findings into understandable and actionable insights. ACCOMPLISHMENTS * Tracked the evolution of the dynamic US video market as digital/online alternatives to traditional pay television emerge, and helped a large media (content provider) company formulate retention and competitive strategies * Advised a large US media company/movie studio on the feasibility and prospects of launching a new subscription video-on-demand service to compete with Netflix and others * Estimated price elasticities for service bundles of a large US cable company and demonstrated their use in setting revenue-maximizing prices and simulating the effects of competitors' actions * Created an extensive market share and competition measurement framework for the largest home security and automation companies in the US to help them design local and national competitive strategies * Prepared the case on behalf of a large Japanese wireless telecommunications company against a government policy mandating it to host mobile virtual network operators * Advised a large US telephone company on how to restructure its operations and pricing rules following the passage of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 * Made the economic case in support of the merger of two large US telephone companies * Conducted safety and efficacy studies of new renal cancer therapies from a leading pharmaceutical company following a Phase II trial * Developed forecasts of future resource needs for a major Jewish organization that provides support to Holocaust survivors * Verified claims of marketing and business superiority of a major online real estate company in a highly competitive market * Served on the Board of Directors of the International Telecommunications Society since 2004