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Telecomm Specialist - 12 Years of Experience - Near 75070


Telecomm Specialist


Mckinney, TX

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PROFILE Worked on Cingular/ATT network using SIEMENS BS-SIEMENS BSXL BTS-SIEMENS BSC, optimizing KPI's for the UMTS Network. Worked with SIEMENS BS-SIEMENS BSXL BTS-SIEMENS BSXL BTS Midwest deployment for ATT UMTS/HSPA/WCDMA/GSM network as a RNPI UMTS RF Engineer for 2 years, as a contractor .Worked as Field RF Technician deployed sites from Detroit Michigan to Lacrosse Wisconsin for a 2 year contract. Supported, as RF engineer, Senior RF Engineer for Cingular/ATT. Deployed 1100 BTS, on Cricket sites across 3 Midwestern States, using Huawei equipment. Major responsibilities include interference/design/optimization/performance analysis of 2G & 3G network by (Statistical Analysis, Database parameter optimization, KPI) using tools such as TEMS Investigation, TEMS Cell Planer Universal (TCPU), Business Objects (BO) and other OSS-RNO, ACTIX Analyzer, MapInfo, in-house tools, -CS/PS, Iub, Iur, RNC/RBS Alarms, Mo/Mt/Ps call flows UTER logs UEH Exceptions Moshell Commands. Provided complete Network rollout on a MTN network using Ericsson equipment, built tower sites, integrated radios and RF components, optimizing KPI's for the UMTS Network. Worked with Ericsson MTN Nigeria UMTS/HSPA/WCDMA/GSM network as a RNPI UMTS RF Engineer for 5 years .Worked as Field RF Technician for MTN Nigeria, providing 3G/4G optimization for 2 year contract. Worked as RF Senior RF Engineer for Airtel Nigeria on contract for 1 year. KEY ACCOMPLISHMENTS * Implementation of 800 BTS 3 BSC sites on Cingular/ATT Ericsson equipments, providing integration, TRAU configuration and network optimization and KPI's for the UMTS Network. Worked with Ericsson Midwest deployment for ATT UMTS/HSPA/WCDMA/GSM network * Implementation Manager for Huawei USA. Supporting after sales deployment of OE, including project management, CDMA Network Implementation and onsite engineering support. Conducted Final Acceptance Certification (FAC) of 1100 BTS site that spanned from Wisconsin to Indiana with 2 NOCs in Chicago. * I was a Senior Network Engineer for Huawei USA. Deployed 75 BTS and 3 NOCs CDMA Network for Huawei in Spoken Washington, Boise Idaho, and Reno Nevada, states in support of 1st major Huawei network implementation in the United States. Lead Network Engineers in Vendor swap out and deployment of BTS. Oversaw initial baseline measurement of existing network KPI, as well as Final Acceptance Testing with on air network. * Network Implementation Engineer Afghan Wireless. Kabul Afghanistan. Lead Network Engineers to implement the first GSM Network in Kabul, Integrating 7 BTS sites to Tecor/Nortel switch. With the responsibility build a network in Kabul, I had the assignment of disbursing and managing $2.7 million and within 6 months provide integration with international Gateway to lunch the 1st GSM network in Kabul. Returned to expand the network to other cities in Afghanistan including Kandahar, Herat, Maza Sherriff and Jalabad. Negotiated interconnect agreement for AWCC with other existing networks, Roshan. Consulted in Network rollout and planning the deployment of Siemens 100,000 subscriber switch. * Network Implementation Engineer Somalia Telecom. With only a PO and Equipment Invoice, I lead a team of engineers to implement first GSM network in Somalia (Somatel) in Mogadishu, Integrating 2 BTS sites and a BSC and (Telos) switch as well as integration with international Gateway to provide access to international call in Mogadishu. Strickly delivering the Network on Budget and time frame. Returned to expand the network to other cities in Somalia including Boboa and border towns with Eriteria.. * Provide pipeline inspection, monitoring and maintenance service solutions to clients that has ongoing contract oil exploring company. * Designed SCADA solution for clients with contract offshore inspection, for managing data sharing network. * Provided undersea diving team to support pipeline inspection and maintenance for clients with contract on offshore services.





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