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Medical Equipment Preparer - 14 Years of Experience - Near 22027


Medical Equipment Preparer


Dunn Loring, VA

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Qualification Summary Highly motivated, self-directed administrative professional with a broad range of business and medical experience, including human resources, event planning, and consulting services ADMINISTRATIVE EXPERIENCE Director of Culture Affairs Office, Embassy of Libya, Washington, DC 2015 - 2017 * Created, produced, and implemented embassy's programming for annual "Around the World Embassy Tour" event * Organized conference to train 16 Libyan diplomats on concepts of sustainable democratic governance in post-conflict societies * Coordinated conflict resolution training with the U.S. Institute of Peace * Provided public information about Libyan society, customs, traditions, and civil society Director, Administration and Medical Affairs, Metiga Hospital, Tripoli, Libya 2000 - 2014 * Recruited and hired healthcare professionals for largest hospital in Tripoli * Designed and implemented professional development programs for employees * Coordinated workplace orientations for new employees * Managed and maintained 500 employee records. In 2011, I became involved with civil society in Libya and was selected to be the executive manager of committee to support women in decision making in Tripoli by elcted. In this capacity, I served as a volunteer to improve the political capacity of the Libyan Women Parliamentarians. During my work, I was able to build trust amongst constituencies through public dialogue around various issues entailed in Libyan state building. In March 2012, I organized the first attempt to celebrate the international women day in Libya were are more than 400 women participated from different walks of life such a gathering had not taken place in forty-two years. Three months later, I established my own local organization which is called Human Recourse forum for women and youth, where I coordinated and conducted training for trainers on leadership development in different Libyan cities, licensed and sponsored by the center for Creative leadership, where I was the main facilitator and the trainer with Libyan activists and grassroots groups. Another license I earned was on October 2012 by the British council as trainer for the springboard consultancy to support women development. This tremendous experience included; women, youth from different cites and background to train them and teach them to be active, educated citizens. I continued my work with civil society as president for Human Resources forum for women and youth, which has been working to promote rule of women and youth, facilitating more than 30 discussions and workshops. My effectiveness within this role, however, largely depended upon the relationships I built during my time with the Libyan civil society. In addition, working on problem solving is also something I have experience with, especially in different situations because I have experience in implementing and working in conflict resolution such as mediations, facilitation, and dialogue where I conducted several workshops with different organizations. For example, while I was conducting a workshop for conflict resolution in Sabha, which is located in the south of Libya. There were among the trainee’s individuals of two rival tribes. In order to help those individuals, benefit from the work shop, they needed to be on good terms with each other. For that reason, I made sure the workshop facilitated cooperation in a comfortable environment. Therefore, over the course of the training they eventually developed a positive relationship with each other which allowed them to overcome their differences