Registered Nurse - 20 Years of Experience - Near 95350


Registered Nurse


Modesto, CA

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QUALIFICATIONS Summary Highly skilled and knowledgeable in "To apply my clinical and leadership abilities, professional teaching experience, and a multitude of medical and nursing knowledge of administrative systems to serve patients, families, and/or businesses in modalities. various health care arenas" Able to adapt quickly to new environments, and meet expectations after brief orientations. Extensive knowledge of pharmaceuticals including uses, side EXPERIENCE effects and compatibility factors. Proficient in computer charting with Certified Mobile Research Nurse (CMRN) 2016-06 - Present Experienced with TPN, Lipid, blood- Also responsible for supervising all work done by LVNs. product, and other IV medication This position was a pre-cursor to eventual role as ADON. However, position may was administration. eliminated due to facility finances. Comprehensive knowledge of various medical equipment, devices, Nursing Supervisor - Psychiatric Health Facility, and the 2013-04 - 2013-09 and trends 23 Hour Crisis Intervention UnitButte County Department Behavioral Health, Chico, CA Responsible for the management and clinical education of all nursing staff, on both units, caring for acutely mentally ill patients. (Position was dissolved due to Countywide restructuring and changed to Social Worker Status position). Registered Nurse - Pediatrics, NICU Level 2, Medical- 1996-09 - 2012-08 Surgical Experienced with numerous pathologies and diseases of adults, children and neonates. Taught SJSU nursing students on all units, and created and conducted ongoing nursing education classes Registry RN 1995-08 - 1996-09 Nursefinders Registry, San Jose, CA Registry Nurse for numerous Bay Area hospitals in Med-Surg, Pediatrics, NICU, Psych, and Nursing Education including teaching Diabetes Education classes to both staff and patients. Case Manager and Home Health Nurse 1994-07 - 1995-08