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Scope of Practice Statement of Professional Intent Licensed Professional Counselor Nature of Counseling Psychotherapy Practice: I provided Therapy & Counseling services to clients with psychiatric and or physical disabilities; the nature of my practice was best utilized in the clinical, private setting, or third party payee situation. I feel strongly that both nature and nurture play a role in everyone’s growth and plan to utilize this belief to provide Counseling and/or Therapy services to individuals from pre-school age through adolescence, adulthood, and elderly. I most frequently worked with children and families and left a health practice of 33 clients to move back to Colorado where my spouse and I wanted to retire. Unfortunately, I cannot retire at this time per financial reasons. Disorders, Issues, Presenting Problems I will accept: Acute and Chronic Anxiety Disorders, Mood Disorders, Depressive Disorder, Major & Situational Depression, Seasonal Affective Disorder, Post-Partum Depression, Thought Disorders, Mood Disorders, Substance Abuse Disorders, Self-Destructive Behaviors, Personality Disorders, Psycho-physiological Disorders. Clients in Crisis/Crisis Management; Grief, Loss, Marital issues, Parenting Issues, Family Therapy and Anger Management Victims of Abuse/ Incest/ Rape, Eating Disorders and Neurotic Defenses/Phobias. Theoretical Approaches I will utilize: I have always suggested that all people need a happy healthy relationship both with themselves, and at least one significant other in order to feel happy and fulfilled. Like Alfred Adler, I also feel strongly that we can let our weaknesses overtake us or we can strive for success and overtake our feelings of inadequacy. By utilizing Carl Roger’s person-centered view and the belief that “the quality of the therapeutic relationship is both significant and necessary” I will adapt all therapy to the client. Adler’s theory further states the belief that “we are the individual creators of our lives” and I plan to utilize this therapeutic approach with clients to invoke the belief that they are in charge of who they are. His phenomenological viewpoint means that people can become self-actualized with an increase in self-esteem. Carl Roger’s has made an important impact on cross-cultural relations, as well as a decrease in racial and political tensions. It is this aspect of his work I find appealing because I believe that we should be judged by the “color of our character”, not our skin. Methods and Techniques: Adler’s client assessment is not only comprehensive but, has many important aspects that I am prepared to utilize with clients. Interpretations of client goals are fundamental in order that our client’s visualize their future but, first they must eliminate previously held beliefs that could hamper a productive outcome. Through achievement of my Masters in Counseling and analysis on the subject of Adlerian and Rogerian therapy; I began to consider that while many of the other theorists have useful techniques, Adler and Roger’s belief demonstrates most of the other theorist’s techniques using that most significant word, “collaboration.” Population to be served: My experience includes teaching/counseling pre-school, grades K-12, with a special provisional licensure for “Special Education Teacher” N.C., Counseling services SMI-adult and elderly clients, Internship- Counseling Services Eastern Arkansas, Forrest City, Wynne AR. I was an in-school counselor for two years and maintained a healthy individual practice for 3.4 years. Per Oklahoma Budget issues I again became employed with Counseling Solutions & Interventions, I had previously worked with this company as an in-school counselor. I’ve included a letter of recommendation from the owner/supervisor of this company. Assessment Instruments to be Used and Purpose of Each: I administered the following assessments for which I was trained as Rehabilitation Therapist; ADHD, Autism Diagnosis, Mental Health Assessments, and Trauma evaluations. I found it necessary when working with children to back up my treatment with complete and comprehensive deliberation of their care. Signature: Terry A. Skiba, BSW, MRC/LPC 10/2/17


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