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PROFILE: SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS Solid and proven Professional background in Engineering, Subject Matter Expertise (SME), Program Management Advanced Development and Systems Engineering with emphasis at the Joint Level of Interoperability and Capability across the Battlespace. Examines, recommends, coordinates and provides developmental responses in direct support to Platforms, Weapons, Systems and Sub-systems. Provides battlespace architecture decomposition risk mitigation and attack scenarios in conjunction with defined excursion (CONEMPS/CONOPS) within the Global Information Grid at the nodal and inter-nodal levels of "contested" and "non-contested" (A2AD) operational states. Development efforts include, Operational Plans in direct coordination and in support of the OSD (NII), DASD (Information Management Integration and Technology) Pentagon, JROC, N2, N6, N8, and N88 and JROC. Provides development capability and analysis reviews IAW: DoD 5000.02, Acquisition Development, SETR process and Defense Acquisition Guidebook (DAG). Provides development analysis and engineering recommendations in direct support of numerous platforms, systems, sub-systems, weapons and Range architectures. SME input and engineering development Architecture, and Verification & Validation engineering test review and witnessing that provides defined capability. Provides and coordinates AOA's and Warfighting Analysis capability at the platform and weapons system integration analysis level, employing Department of Defense, Navy, NAVAIR, Modeling and Simulation methodology in direct collaboration with Air 4.10 and various Program Offices, that incorporated specific need-lines, methodology and capabilities throughout various Combat Operations, CONOPS, TACTIS and Kill Chain. Joint Air Dominance Organization (JADO), Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps and Army Analysis of the specific GAP's from the excursions in coordination with Prime Integrators, subcontractors and Government entities to exponentially increase current and future Joint and Naval warfighting capability. Skilled in project and staff management, PROGRAMMING PPBE AND SETR PROCESS, leading cutting edge-technology including Tactical Targeting Network Technology (TTNT), Radar Common Datalinks (RCDL), Cloud, iSmart, WNW, MADL (WAN), IFDL (LAN), CEC, Link-16, RCDL, I-net, IO, and other Data-links along with various wave forms analysis.