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Ponte Vedra, FL

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Strategic level leader, manager and thinker who grasps entire enterprise vision, goals, and objectives — rapidly drills down to tactical level challenges — identifies long poles in the tent and potential show stoppers that are the key drivers of cost, schedule and performance — and provides alternatives to assure they stay on track.


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(Confidential) (Confidential) 6/1996 - Present



Harvard Business School Program for Management Development 1983 Master Degree
University of Virginia Executive Management Program 1978 Specialist Degree
George Washington University Engineering Administration 1971 Master Degree
Carnegie Institute of Technology EE 1964 Bachelor Degree



• Identified potential investors and partnered with a financial/business expert to develop Electronic Medical Records Business Plan targeted towards mobile applications. • Implemented one/five year estimates, top level technical design, wrote business plan, and created various presentations and briefings. Identified and presented to potential funding sources, negotiated University sponsored contract for an Android prototype and designed, created and deployed promotional website. • Exhibits Chair, Autotestcon 2010, Co-Vice Chair, Autotestcon 2012. • Expertly employed Project Management Principles (PMP), Rapid Prototyping, and Agile Programming to develop six successful products in the areas of: o XML Document Conversion (iConvert - Windows .Net). o Program Editor (ATLAS Programmer’s Workbench (APW - Windows .Net)). o Web Content Information Systems (Telelogistics - Java). o Biotech 3D Dicom Image Processing (Nevroware - C, Windows, .Net). o Sikorsky Comanche Helicopter Maintenance (DIAS - Oracle Forms). o Automatic Test Programming Suite (LEXSYS, C, Windows). • Partnered with Raytheon and introduced iConvert to Prime Contractors and the US Army and Navy. Won contracts totaling $1,400,000. • Partnered with AIL Systems to design and deploy Telelogistics. Won $2,000,000 cost shared DOD/USAF/USN COSSI product improvement program and $3,000,000 competitive procurement from USAF Software Control Centers. • Implemented APW by simulating Visual Studio. Won contracts totaling $450,000 from the US Army and US Navy. • Conceived and implemented LEXSYS, a comprehensive suite of automatic test programming tools, including Test Requirements Documentation (TRD), TRD to CASS, IFTE and 716-89 ATLAS programming language translation, ATLAS editing, syntax and semantic checking, and test wiring diagram generation. Won over $3,000,000 in contracts, including $500,000 for the USAF C17 Program requiring a next generation version, gained financing for the redesign from Comarco. • Initiated and specified project that resulted in the first single suitcase INMARSAT portable voice terminal. • Deployed the first reproducible and manufacturable echo canceller. • Implemented an advanced Manufacturing Control System to direct and schedule workflow through a 6 department, 150 employee batch manufacturing organization. • Deputy Program Manager for space qualified transmitter project, employed PERT to manage a 70 member program involving RF Design, Manufacturing, Quality Assurance and Test. • Exhibited at annual Autotestcon Conference and NDIA's annual Logistics Conference & Exhibition, both with clients and independently, providing technical product demonstrations to a wide variety of potential customers and partners. • Led organizations and programs from 2 to 150 team members.

Companies I like:

Well funded Start-up, Second stage software company, Medium size division of high technology company


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Program Manager for multiple programs. Identified needs for new software services, established partnerships with major public corporations to jointly market, developed the software products required to provide the services, and successfully brought products to market for US Military customers. As senior marketing representative for wholly owned small company, identified need for a new product for a targeted customer, and led the design and implementation effort to bring software to a successful delivery.