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PROFILE $Desired locations: DOCUMENTS United States - FL United States - MD United States - TX %Work Experience: RESUMES RDECOM Managerial Accounting 4303 Boothby Hill Drive % OTHER DOCUMENTS Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD 21005 United States & 09/2005 - 07/2015 USERNAME & PASSWORD Salary: 84,017.00 USD Per Year Hours per week: 40 Documents - Resumes Series: 0501 Pay Plan: GS Grade: 12 Staff Accountant (This is a federal job) Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills: Accomplishments and Related Skills: Accomplishments and Related Skills: View Served as the Secretary to 3 Customer Focused Division Chiefs in the NECPOC region and was responsible for carrying out tasks designed to relieve the DCs from day to day administrative Financia. .Analysis details. I received visitors, maintained calendars, scheduled appointments, received and Built 04/11/11 disbursed mail, prepared congressional correspondence, maintained files, prepared one-of - * Edit kind and recurring reports pertaining to job application reviews and pulled data from a + of sources. variety Duplicate Served as the central point of contact for distribution of regional employee benefit forms, received calls from the general public and current Federal employees seeking ) Delete employment in organizations serviced by the NECPOC. Provided assistance directly or forwarded their inquires to others within the office who can provide more detailed advice Searchable and assistance. 320th Special Tactics Squadron 320th Special Operations Kadena AFB Accomplishments and Related Skills: resume Served as the Resource Advisor to the Commander, by providing advice and guidance on financial policies and regulations in reference to budget, temporary duty travel (TDY), and the Joint Forces Travel Reimbursement (JFTR). Established, maintained, and updated expenditures to funding activities. Ensured no over-obligation of funds by creating spread sheets on Excel and developing charts on Power Point to track estimated and actual cost of TDYs, documents must be of Uploadedand the purchaseless supplies and equipment. Authored statements justifying and supporting program funding requests for submission. than 3MB and in one of the following Prepared a variety of JPEG, document formats: GIF, JPG, reports covering the status of funds, expenses, and obligations. Reconciled commitments, PNG, RTF, TXT, PDF or Word (DOC orobligations, and reallocated organizational funds quarterly, using reports generated from the Program Budget Accounting System, DTS and the Managerial DOCX). Budget Acquisition System. Gathered, analyzed, extracted, and compiled data for use in Do not include in Resumeand provided status updates weekly to the Commander recurring and non-recurring reports, Classified or presentations. Reviewed budgetary via PowerPointgovernment sensitive information transactions periodically for compliance with policies and ensured that funds were available prepared the annual phase plan Social Security Number (SSN) showing projected monthly expenditures and reimbursable utilizing Microsoft software. Ensured polices regarding TDY reimbursable, and clothing allowances for non-deployed TDY Photos of yourself assignments in the JFTR and the Armed Forces Instruction (AFI) were adhered to drafted Accomplishments and Related Skills: Processed Privacy Policy and maintained accurate accounting system of all activities managed by the Marine Corps Community Services, such as Lodging costs from permanent change of station (PCS), sports equipment rental, charter bus rentals, use of shuttle buses, marketing of local vendors to the military, which included business advertisements. Reviewed, analyzed and reconciled financial data derived from general ledger accounts,