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Aerospace Engineer


Chattanooga, TN

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Degreed mechanical engineer (BSME) with a high proficiency with computer software common to engineering, an understanding of cost and scheduling constraints present in fast track projects and a proactive, hands-on attitude in the approach to problem-solving. * Senior Mechanical Engineer with a wide-ranging skill set encompassing multiple engineering disciplines, CAD systems, and computer simulation codes * Extensive Finite Element Analysis experience * Expert skills utilizing HyperMesh, Optistruct, Patran/Nastran, Ansys, Femap, and Abaqus * Expert in stress and fatigue analysis of highly loaded structural members * 3D Solid Modeling Experience 22 Years * Aerospace and DOD experience * Management experience * Expert in the latest Quality Control methodologies * Project Engineering experience * Expert skills in Optimization * Owner of Moss Engineering Inc. * GLG Consultant for Investment Firms investing in FEM technology


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Northrop Grumman Stress Engineer Level Principle Stress Engineer Principle Stress Engineer 3/2019 - 6/2019
Triumph Aerostructures Senior Stress Engineer 7/2017 - 3/2018
Boeing / Altair Software Lead Engineer Interior Optimization Specialist 7/2017 - 7/2017
Nasa / Lockheed Martin System Level Stress Analyst 7/2014 - 2/2017
Westinghouse Nuclear Senior Stress Analyst 5/2013 - 7/2014
Space X / Altair Software Senior Stress Analyst 1/2013 - 4/2013
Northrop Grumman Scaled Composites / Altair Software Tech Support Senior Stress Analyst 9/2012 - 12/2012
Bell Helicopter / Altair Software Tech Support Senior Stress Analyst 3/2012 - 9/2012
Nasa / Lockheed Martin Engineering Specialist Level 6 / Contract 3/2011 - 3/2012
Pratt And Whitney Stress Engineer / Contract 11/2010 - 3/2011
Halliday Wachs Lead Engineer 3/2010 - 11/2010
Sikorsky Aviation Stress Analyst Rotary Aircraft / Contract 10/2009 - 2/2010
General Electric Stress Analyst 747 8 / Contract 2/2009 - 10/2009
Boeing Engineering Specialist (Level 6) Maa And 787 Dream Liner / Contract Engineering Specialist (Level 6) 787 Dreamliner / Contract 4/2007 - 2/2009
Lockheed Martin Stress Analyst / Contract 6/2006 - 3/2007
General Dynamics Stress Analyst / Hand Calcs / Group Lead / Contract 7/2005 - 6/2006
United Defense Mechanical Engineer / Contract 2/2005 - 7/2005
Komatsu Research And Development Stress Analyst / Hand Calcs / Contract 9/2004 - 2/2005
General Dynamics Mechanical Engineer / Stress Analyst / Group Lead / Contract 8/2001 - 9/2004
Columbia Research Stress Analyst / Hand Calcs / Contract 11/2000 - 8/2001
Cti Mechanical Engineer / Contract 5/2000 - 11/2000
Heat And Controls Mechanical Engineer / Thermal Analysis / Contract 10/1999 - 5/2000
Goodrich Aerospace Stress Analyst / Hand Calcs / Mechanical Engineer 1/1997 - 1/1999



UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE Mechanical Engineering 1997 Bachelor Degree



Orion Spacecraft, worlds fastest human rated spacecraft, capable of trip to Mars. Straddle Lift Aircraft worlds largest aircraft with 387 ft. wingspan. Structural analysis on Joint Strike Fighter (F35) , first successfully vertical take off fighter aircraft. While at Westinghouse, I successively submitted nonlinear stress analysis on a nuclear power plant to Nuclear Regulatory Commission which was approved.

Companies I like:

NASA, Spaceship Company, Serria Nevada , Boeing, Lockheed Martin


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I have expertise in subsea vehicles ( Virginia Class submarine, ASDS mini sub and Dolphin class submarines.) My Surface watercraft experience include the marines expeditionary fighting vehicle where I designed the complex bow planes which fold and unfold as needed for movement on water or land. I have expertise with fixed wing commercial aircraft doing structural analysis Boeing 777-7, 777-8 and 777-9 and Bombardier's Global 7000 aircraft. I have experience with military aircraft as well with the JSF 35. I have experience with commercial helicopters at Siskorsky ( CK53) military and Bell 's Relentless helicopter. In spacecraft I have unmatched experience working at SpaceX, NASA, Lockheed Martin, Sierra Nevada and the Spaceship company. Most if not all of the vehicles have set numerous worlds records in their respective category.