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QUALIFICATIONS: Mr. Seddiq is highly effective expert with strategic leadership career in organizational and financial management of large, medium and small organization nonprofit organizations. He possesses expertise in technical, fiscal, financial and administrative management of multi-million-dollar program projects. He has worked in the public and nonprofit sectors and has full knowledge of federal programs policies and regulations developed policies and processes for departments and organization and knowledge of accounting principles, practices, rules and regulations. Mr. Seddiq is highly organized in providing on time staff development, strategic directions and support for the administration of pre-and post-awards of grants, contracts and cooperative agreements. Mr. Seddiq worked in the financial management of sponsored programs in higher education and research administration in the United States and Afghanistan. He has full knowledge of Uniform Guidance and developed policies and processes relevant to institutional financial management. He has design and developed training modules and conducted formal and on the job trainings. Mr. Seddiq developed human, organizational and institutional capacity in the public and private sectors at the national and sub-national level. He speaks, reads and writes English, Russian, Farsi/Dari/Tajik, Pashto, and some Urdu. Qualifications: * Managed and directed USAID funded CBCMP-II, a $20.00M sub-national public Human and Institutional Capacity Development. * Managed and directed $36.00M USDA funded flagship capacity building and change management program. * Full charge and management of USAID funded higher education program of $42.00M to establish new University and its financial systems, policies and procedures. * Management of USD$90.00M Clean Energy USAID funded program. * Extensive knowledge of universities financial management and research administration. * Managed multi-million-dollar NIH and Gates Foundation research grants, contracts and cooperative agreements in higher education research administration. * Analytical and strategic thinker adept at quick problem identification and solutions, efficiently handling multiple projects under strict time constraints while continuously improving efficiency and effectiveness Chief of Party/Program Director January 2016 - June 2017 International Executive Service Corps (IESC) Capacity Building and Change Management Program II (CBCMP-II) - (USAID Funded) * Working with Ministry of Agriculture leadership including the minister and his office of other advisors and the deputy minister to prepare plan of assessment and activities for annual work plan and implementation. * Provided overall management, support, vision, and technical direction for all program tasks and supervises to 4 expats, over 90 full time local staff, number of consultants and advisors, and a sub-awardee. * Provided leadership and support to staff implementing program in 13 directorates at the central ministry, 20 provincial directorates and 50 district Ag offices. * Reviewed and supervised M&E report and data collection methodology, completion of quarterly and annual reports and other deliverables to be submitted on time. * Working closely with procurement and compliance team in the field and home office. * Reviewed financial forecast and managed program funds and approved expenditures. * Conducted full oversight of all activities to make sure they are within the scope of the program budget. * Provided a positive image of the program through meetings, conferences, and other opportunities. * Fully supported a positive working relationship with IESC partners, consultants, and other international donors working in Afghanistan. Deputy Chief of Party/Senior PFM Expert November 2010 - January 2016 International Executive Service Corps (IESC) Capacity Building and Change Management Program (CBCMP) - (USDA Funded) Associated Responsibilities for this Agriculture Sector Program: * Closely working and advising the deputy minister for finance and administration and all directorates Finance and Accounting, Procurement, Budget and Revenues, HRM, Administration, ICT, and Gender under his office to modernize systems for efficient processes and train civil servants. Reviewed many public finance and administration policies and made modifications and provided recommendations as well developed new policies. * Oversee ministry's annual operating/ordinary and developmental budgets processes. * Working with the procurement directorate, monitor ministry's expenditures both, operating and programs related. * Developed training modules in public finance and accounting and conducted trainings. * Modernization of the ministry's operations - assets management and inventory control, transportation and fleet management. * Provided overall management, support, vision, and technical direction for all program tasks and directly supervised 3 local senior staff and indirectly worked with 90-120 full time local staff. * Managed the development of annual work plans and its execution. * Reviewed and supervised completion of quarterly and annual reports and other deliverables. * Work with IESC/Washington office to report on program progress. * Working with the audit firm, USDA and USAID/OFM to conducted assessment * Implemented and transferred new Technologies Finance, Procurement and Contracts Manager September 2009 - November 2010 International Resources Group, an L3 Company Afghanistan Clean Energy Program Contract (USAID Funded) * Responsible for the procurement of multimillion dollar materials and equipment from various national and international vendors in accordance with USAID and IRG policies and regulation. * Prepared and advertised request for proposals for the procurement of equipment. * Reviewed proposals and created a matrix to make sure the right vendor is selected. * Management of HRM - prepared and advertised recruitment of local employees. * Reviewed all contracts, both purchasing of materials, equipment, services and staff employment. * Reviewed subcontractor's monthly invoices for accuracy, consultant's invoices for level of effort. * Prepared and submitted monthly financial reports, quarterly accruals and progress reports. * Managed all field office operations: administration, accounting and finance and IT functions. Director of Finance July 2008 - September 2009


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