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PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY: * Over 6 years of strong experience in Oracle database administration in heterogeneous system environment including Solaris, UNIX, and Windows, supporting a variety of mission critical applications with UDB, Oracle 10g and 11g. * Experience as On-Call 24x7 production DBA support, application DBA, system administrator * Very strong *Hands ON* experience in DB Platforms - Oracle, DB2/UDB, AWS * Experience with PowerShell Shell scripting * Monitored physical I/O and Proper sizing of rollback segments. * Optimized SQL using explain plan, Auto trace feature and TKPROF to analyse the execution plan and tune the statements. * Tuning of database using Utlstat scripts Statspack and dynamic performance views to monitor system statistics and wait events, AWR, ADDM and Tuning of SGA. * Proven technical knowledge of infrastructure management systems, combined with outstanding leadership ability and creative problem-solving skills in both strategic and tactical areas as well as excellent communication /documentation skills and strong aptitude to analyse and resolve problems. * Migrate to Multitenant Architecture using CDB and PDB of applications that otherwise have their own instances and qualify to be PDBs. * Troubleshoot and resolve slowness or performance issues with extensive investigation and follow-up with respective application teams and proposed solutions. * Responsible for RMAN backups, and improvement to backup with incremental backup by adding block change tracking feature of Oracle 11gR2. * Created Users, Roles and Profiles, Privilege management with role-based security. * Performed database tuning using Explain Plan, TKPROF, Statspack, Automatic Workload Repository (AWR), Active Session History (ASH), and Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM) and SQL Trace. * Maintaining and scheduling Cold Backups, Hot Backups, and Export Dumps. Maintaining backups of Archive logs and automating cleaning of archive logs. Deploying RMAN to automate backup and maintaining scripts in recovery catalog. * Upgraded Oracle 10g database version to 11g * Upgraded Oracle 11g database version to 12c version * Provided database related services to their development & QA environments. * Good experience of Installation and configuration of RAC (Real Application Server) on different nodes with ASM (automatic storage management). * Upgraded various databases from 10g to 11g, 11g to 12c and minor version upgrades * Upgraded 10g and 11g Standalone databases to 11g and 12c 2-node RAC * Supported Server migrations, Application upgrades/Migrations and Data centre movements * Configured Offline and Online Disaster recovery sites to maximize the database availability * Applied Oracle Patches (CPU/PSUs and One-off patches)


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Ally Financial Oracle Dba 8/2015 - 3/2018
Barclays Oracle Database Administrator 4/2012 - 8/2015




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