A. Carl T

General Manager with great personality


Production Manager


Albany, NY

Education Level:

High School/GED

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• Accomplished over 30 years progressive experience in the uniform & linen industry, fulfilling progressively responsible positions throughout virtually all facets of the business. Progressed to Plant Management capacity for diverse industry leaders during the past 10 years. • Full charge manager of all functions of large scale uniform processing and distribution centers employing up to 120 multifunctional staff and serving thousands of accounts through multiple pick-up/delivery routes covering all of Eastern Virginia and Northeastern North Carolina. Directed administration, sales, service and plant production activities with complete P&L control for operations that produced up to $10 million in gross annual income. • Controlled activities and customer service support of route drivers handling an average of 120 accounts each over a 19,000+ square mile area. Focused efforts on customer retention, design and implementation of efficiency enhancements, cost/expense control, client portfolio building, team leadership/mentoring/motivation, morale building, and quality assurance. • Transitioned successfully through several buyouts and/or mergers, retaining positions and adapting to new corporate management styles. Dramatically reduced work force and manhour expenditure through implementation of across-the-board process improvements. Handpicked to start complete new shifts in the wake of consolidations. • Personally contacted and secured contracts with numerous top client accounts, nurturing professional relationships, troubleshooting problems, upsell services and ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Major contributor to consistent growth and bottom-line profitability. • Reduced accounts receivable averages and turned around trends toward lost business through strict focus on providing quality reliable service. Regained #1 position in the highly competitive uniform and linens processing industry in the region. • Established proven expertise in all facets of plant operations. Mentored several plant supervisors and line personnel to focus on staff morale, team building and creating a positive working environment to reduce staff turnover and enhance plant productivity. • Solicited, contracted and service virtually all of the major organizations in the Hampton Roads, VA region including such renowned organizations as The Hall Auto Group, Canon of Virginia, Freedom Auto Group, Casey Auto Group, City of Virginia Beach Public Schools, Ingersol-Rand, United Parcel Service, US Postal Service, etc. • Recipient of several corporate, regional and local awards and distinctions for outstanding performance


CollapseWork Experience


(Confidential) (Confidential) 7/2007 - Present
Aramark (Confidential) 1/2004 - 10/2006
Cintas (Confidential) 5/1996 - 1/2004
National Linen (Confidential) 2/1979 - 1/1998



Norfolk State University Business 2007 Associate Degree
St. John Vianney Business 1974 High School/GED Degree



Numerous Safety Awards

Companies I like:

Coca-Cola, Busch Gardens


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• Consummate management professional with solid experience in all facets of field sales, service and plant leadership functions. Proven expertise in the implementation and oversight of cutting edge operations techniques and measurement tools to reduce costs, enhance productivity, improve quality, build and retain customer base, and maximize profits. • Extensive experience in strategic planning, master scheduling, financial administration, statistical/financial report compilation and analysis, and quality assurance. Streamline and manage associated collections, staff motivation/retention programs, plant safety & regulatory compliance initiatives, field sales, computer information systems, and cost/expense control programs. Proven track record of contributing double-digit growth in both sales and profitability with diverse industry leaders in highly competitive markets. • Hands on leader and mentor with a keen ability to assemble, motivate and direct cross-functional teams to produce record-setting results. Demonstrative management team member able to effectively lead staff meetings, present monthly summary reports, act as point man for policy-making initiatives, and control all facets of high volume, multi-million dollar operations. • Client satisfaction-oriented manager evidenced in high client satisfaction rates and rapid advancement at virtually all employment endeavors. Keen appreciation for the importance of exemplary delivered goods and services, corporate image and total quality / value added operational philosophy, and consistent delivery on what is promised. • Demonstrated ability to “think outside of the box” to resolve emergent problems. Strong career foundation in route management, staff training, stockroom control, plant/facilities maintenance, rollout of upgrades and improvements, human resources, and customer support disciplines. • Skilled administrator with in-depth knowledge and experience in P&L accountability and analysis, relevant computer information systems (Excel, SAP Accounting, etc.), financial/fiscal forecasting, and effective utilization/allocation of asset/manpower resources.