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Canton, OH

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Utilizing all my exceptional values, visions, skills and experiences. Creating an ever challenged career while instilling exceptional values with company culture. Attaining company visions with with my unprecedented and unique experiences. Creating a socially responsible and world class company.


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My professional and personal life are far from traditional thus my resume is not as accomplished as my past accomplishments, abilities and skills. I have experienced and overcome more hardships than a human is designed to withstand. 90% is due to me being a terrorist victim. One would think in America fellow citizens would attempt to ease my path especially for someone who cannot even shower in private however the opposite has been true for me. I am the victim of a thought technology installed by terrorists, I speak to the FBI every day as many use the technology to abuse and stalk me. When I started college I had less than a 25% reading comprehension and was able to attain a 3.64 GPA (with 85 credit hours completed) till abuse in the workforce and other circumstances declined my health to a point of headaches causing my head to actually break open. As I finished college as many as 100 counts of abuse per day were reported to the FBI. This is a small example of the past 15-20 years of my life in all areas. I have been humane trafficked, abused and in Oct. 2017 to the best of my knowledge the US Marshals saved my life in a murder attempt by a sheriff department who I waiting to testify against. My family never made any attempt to stand up for my Constitutional Rights as an American, some severely abused me, tried to control,/traffic me and at 36 I was essentially looking to start life over. The life experience gained from this situation has given me an incite on life few will know and has created some very unteachable skills and inspiring leadership abilities. I remain determined, positive and as inspired as ever to continue pursuing my dreams to the best level possible. It is my belief very few would ever have survived my situation let alone be searching for an Executive role to remain challenged but my intelligence, determination and will to never let those who support terrorism defeat me has aided in me overcoming. I am awaiting the opportunity to testify for America against terrorism and all who support it in this matter. I love my country and do all I can to aid the FBI in holding all involved responsible. Sincerely, Chadwick Lynn Miller

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Business Consulting, Johnson and Johnson, Microsoft, Google, Cisco, Amazon, Target, St. Jude Medical Center, Irvine, Slalom


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