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Seasoned IT Professional with 25 years of experience. Hold or have held 20+ IT / Cybersecurity certifications. A Specialist, proficient in several analytical and architectural building programs, with vast knowledge and experience in IT troubleshooting solutions. Have worked in numerous collaboration and engineering teams during my career, to find practical solutions and recommendations for corporate developmental programs regarding software building and answers to business software concepts. Some employers and example roles in career are outlined below. Note my 7+ Cybersecurity certifications above. I am ready to advance my career deeper into Cybersecurity with position in Endpoint, SIEM / SOC duties or most any other area of Cybersecurity management. Louis E. Aiken (832) 473-4843 Houston, Texas Last Position: 03/06 - 07/18 - IBM - Roles: Global Solution Architect, Application Architect, Infrastructure Specialist, Server Virtualization and Server Migration Consultant for hosts moved to customer supplied Data Centers and IBM cloud. Co-developer of IBM internally used Server Consolidation Object Processing Environment tool (SCOPEDB) and IBM TADDM - CMDB product improvements. In addition to my engineering and development roles mentioned above, I architected, built, moved, supported and managed all aspects of an internal, 400 user, Development & Production environment LANs, eventually containing up to 20 VMware ESX hosts, 200 Windows / Linux Virtual Machines in vCenter. SEP, SEP-M, WSUS, DB2 environment. IBM hired me in 2006 as 3 year, Long Term Supplemental (LTS) employee to work a Netware 5 to Windows 2003 AD migration project for 20,000 user environment as Netware SME, for a bank. My primary functions was the extensive discovery of the current Netware environment for the Novel NDS migration to Active Directory. This involved in depth scripting & reporting of many aspects of the current Netware environment. I did the discovery and pre development of the Windows printing environment. My major function on project was login script conversion from Netware container based login scripts to VB script. I personally did the VB login script scripting, QA testing, using customer lab and tracking resolutions for any issues. Many additional projects during LTS time frame were AD related, for example: Company A sold a product, along with all related data and users to company B. I scripted the separation and move of the data and user permissions to AD domain of company B. The last year as LTS at IBM, I volunteered to manage the Windows and Linux, internal, 400 user Development & Production environment, mentioned above. At the same time, I was recruited to co-develop an internal tool (aka SCOPEDB above) and IBM TADDM, that was used to collect and process customer host data, in order to right size virtual machines in a target VMware environment. I developed tools, digitally signed when requested, to assist in migration projects, to insure quality deliverables using NT Shell, VBS, VBA, PERL, Jython and DB2 query's for automated reporting and status tracking. Used VMware Converter API Java. awk/sed/grep/etc. My 3 year LTS agreement ended in 2009 and IBM did not want to let me go. IBM set me up with contracting company in order to keep me managing department 400 user Development & Production environment and co-developing SCOPEDB and TADDM improvements, and more of our products, along with migrations. In 2011, IBM was hiring again and I was hired as Full Time Employee (FTE) in the role of Global Solution Architect (GSA). The customer facing, GSA role was responsible for keeping a migration on track. World class deliverables generated by GSA and lead Architect were based on real data, right sized for a target virtual machines in target data center or cloud. In 2017 and 2018, we moved the 400 user Development & Production environment to IBM cloud. In 2018, our department supported migration tools, SCOPEDB and TADDM were moved off-shore. Note: IBM does not recognize the first 5 years of my employment as Long Term Supplemental and contractor. Dates above are accurate, though, IBM may claim only the last 7 years of full time employment, depending on who is asked at IBM.


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J.P. Morgan Chase Bank Enterprise Technology Services 10/2001 - 7/2005
Compaq Computer (Hall Kinion Contractor) 12/1999 - 10/2001
Chase Bank Of Texas. Sr. Lan Administrator 3/1997 - 7/1999




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