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LEADING CHANGE: As a Director of Product Development at McKesson I re-organized the IT organization based on the business requirements and long term goals of the company. I directed the modification and upgrading of the AMISYS (Managed Care Information System) system based on customer requirements with latest technology using rational tools for Configuration Management, the change was totally transparent to the clients. LEADING PEOPLE: At IRS as Sr. Manager of Infrastructure Architect and Engineering, I led Infrastructure Integration Services (IIS) group and engaged the IIS organization to revise the mission, vision, plans, and organizational structure in support of Enterprise Services' (ES) Request for Organizational Change (ROC). RESULTS DRIVEN: As the Sr. Manager of Infrastructure Architect and Engineering, my goals were to improve organizational efficiencies and improve customer service quality and commitment. Customers were turning to outsourced vendors in business due to our poor servicing. This was leading to a decrease in our customer base and revenue. I immediately implemented metrics that identified customer service issues and allowed for accountability and tracking performance. BUSINESS ACUMEN: As a Chief Architect and Program Manager, I managed the creation of a start-up ASP/ISP company in Frankfurt within one year with a budget of $280 Million US Dollars. Systems implemented for this company were Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Network Provisioning, Order Management, Network Performance and Management, Billing, Sales tracking, Workforce management, Network Inventory Control system, and Core Data Base using Oracle. This resulted in a revenue of $100 million US Dollars for Nortel * Oversaw the deployment of Optimize for Infrastructure OFI to production at IRS Martinsburg Computing Center (MCC), which provided advanced notification and behavioral-based alerts around key performance indicators. * Developed the organization structure, roles and responsibilities of an integrated Infrastructure Service (IIS) branch * Presented at the Infrastructure Executive Service Committee (IESC) Meeting the Business Objects Enterprise (BOE) request for approval to use $3M BSM Management Reserve funds and ensured successful deployment of the BOE and the Modernized Electronic Filing (MeF). * Developed system lifecycle work products, including Project Charter, Contingency Management Plan, Risk management Plan, Project Tailoring Plan, Requirements Plan, the Project Management Plan and the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA). * Analyzed the engineering work requests from various IRS Business Division, Enterprise Operations, Enterprise Network and agile Application Development and major Internal Domain Projects and then assigned the WR to my team members. * Acted as Director Infrastructure Architect & Engineering (I A&E) as requested and actively supported IA&E strategies and initiatives, successfully executing approved recommendations * I enhanced Infrastructure stability by making enhancements to Enterprise Applications Integration Broker (EAIB) infrastructure (Hardware and Software upgrades) WebMethods 7.1 suite upgrade Deployment into Production. * Improved Infrastructure efficiency by continuing to improve Development, Integration and Testing Environment (DITE) efficiency WebMethods 7.1 suite upgrade Deployment into DITE and Production. * I completed the Performance Evaluation for an Enterprise-Wide Unified Communications Solution, to determine the future direction for an IRS enterprise-wide Unified Communications (UC) solution within 90 days. * Consultant specializing in Healthcare Software called AMISYS OPEN managed care system in a IBM Mainframe, Open Systems, UNIX, OS/390, client-server, LAN/WAN, Windows NT applications environment. The Applications included Clinical Management Systems, Managed Care Administrative Systems, Patient Care, Hospital Financial Systems, Practice Management, Enterprise Services, HR and ERP System with Open Architect that could be run on any platform. * Managed teams including Software Systems Development (Assembler, COBOL, C++, JAVA, Forte), Configurations Management (Clearcase), Release Management (PVCS), Systems Support (OS/390, UNIX, NT, AIX), Systems Administration ( Forte, UNIX, NT, AIX), Database Administration (DB2, UDB, Oracle, SQL, ERWIN) and platforms included IBM RISK 6000 HP-9000 and HP-3000 System management. * Managed the testing of JCL and verification of the Y2K remediation written in the CLISTS, COBOL and FOCUS programs performed by the vendors in the OS/390 mainframe, CICS, DB2 environment using Xpeditor. PVCS and Endevor used for configuration management. * Team lead for the re-engineering of Order Processing and Customer Care System at a major Telecomm a Team Lead. Converted IMS Databases and COBOL program into DB2 Tables and C++ in an MVS/ESA IBM 3090 environment. * Team Lead in the areas of Mainframe installation, configuration and maintenance of OS/390, CICS, DB2, RACF Security Administration, ALC, COBOL Programming and JCL and coordinated all OS/390 activities. * Support, Lead Integration Test Engineer for End-to-end testing of the IRS Modernized Customer Accounting Data Engine (CADE) System and coordinated with the CM group to deploy new releases of the product using Rational Rose Clearcase, ClearQuest, additionally used PVCS, Endeavor, Harvest, Librarian and IBM SMPE. * * Customized and implemented Financial Packages including SAP, PeopleSoft, Dun & BradStreet and Walker Financials. Designed and implemented Budgeting system, an on-line Order Entry System, Package Tracking System, Payroll, Personnel, Data Warehousing, Banking, Credit Card, Billing systems and Healthcare Software called AMISYS OPEN and ERP at a large Food Distribution Company using SAP. * Developed a web based application in an Object Oriented Environment using C++ Microsoft Visual studio, CORBA, IDL, JAVA, Jbuilder, Rational Rose, MSDN, RogueWave in Windows NT.


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