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COVER LETTER: To Whom It May Concern: In previous roles as General Counsel and VP, I was responsible for all legal matters for three separate companies over the last twenty years. In each role I was not only responsible for company legal affairs, but I was also instrumental in the growth and development of each company. During my tenure at Omega Travel I helped develop and grow a highly successful subsidiary called as well as technology and software subsidiary unique to the cruise industry called Travtech. I was also responsible for a real estate and development subsidiary that not only managed a significant real estate portfolio of commercial and residential properties, but also developed several commercial buildings as well. All the Omega entities generated significant revenue to the company. I was also instrumental in helping drive the procurement processes for our U.S. Government travel effort, which significantly increased our market share of U.S. government travel accounts. While serving Duluth Travel, I developed strategic partnerships and a government procurement program which resulted in the acquisition of 5 new U.S. Government agency contracts and an increase in total revenue of over 120 percent. CWT is one of two prime contractors offering an end to end travel technology solution to the U.S. Government under a G.S.A. program called E-Travel Solutions. At CWT I was part of the team responsible for procurement and strategic initiatives. During my three years with the company we successfully retained over 95 percent of government customers, experienced organic growth of over 20% by expanding our offerings and added 6 new U.S. Government customer agencies through the procurement process. My efforts to help develop new offerings and strategically plan our procurement process contributed to this growth. During my tenure at CWT I was also responsible for development of key partnerships with vendors and suppliers that broadened the company's offering to the U.S. Government. Along with my efforts to help increase company revenue at CWT, Duluth and Omega, I was also responsible for protecting each company from unnecessary legal cost and liabilities. I was particularly successful at this effort as each company avoided any significant legal setbacks during my tenure, despite numerous complex legal challenges, including federal government audits, agency claims, lawsuits and consumer complaints. My strength is in protecting an enterprise from unnecessary liability with a particular proficiency in commercial technology agreements, employment law and the government market. I am also very adept and have been quite successful at developing and facilitating strategic partnerships and alliances that benefit both my company, our customers and our partners. For any enterprise looking to protect and advance their business, I would be a key asset to that effort. Sincerely, John J. Lawless


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