Elias V

Aircraft Rigging Assembler - 0 Years of Experience


Aircraft Rigging Assembler

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Trade School

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* Bilingual (English, Spanish) * Quality control * Calendar and schedule * Alignment machines * Damage reports * Metal finish and soft touch * Team leader * Alignment machines * Body seal * Loss prevention techniques * Inventory control * Follow written/verbal instructions * Process unit * Stand for prolonged periods * Prime and paint * Grind sanding * Body filler * Mig and gas welding * Able to work independently * Time management abilities * Multi-task oriented * Effective communication * Power grinders, spray guns, Electrostatic spray gun, power tools, hand tools, wrenches, motorized sanders, metal cutters, pneumatic hammer, pullers, shears, trim/molding tools * Customer service * Well organized * Punctual and flexible * Lift 50+ lbs. . Scissor lift & fork lift certified ` Painting * Primers - Epoxy, Polyurethane, etc. o Primer increases the adhesion of the topcoat or paint to the material. Types of Primer o Paint Stripper Chemical Etch & Anodize o Waterborne primer o Epoxy Primer o Wash Primers o Fluid Resistant Primer o 2414 coating anti radar * Paint (Topcoat) - Epoxy, Polyurethane o The topcoat, final coating on components. Types of finish coatings use: o Aliphatic Polyurethane Coatings o Commercial Coatings o Epoxy Topcoats o Fluid Resistant Topcoats o Camo Gray applied on F18 and F35 o Stenciling both with air brush and dry brush * Fuel Tank Coating o Fuel Tank Coating is a specific coating applied to the components on the interior of a fuel tank or fuel wetted areas of an aircraft. They are specifically designed to prevent corrosion in these harsh environments.





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