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Approachable Human Resources Executive offering a vast amount of experience in employee support protocols, practices, and standards. Ability to plan and execute structured activities in relation to staff recruitment, hiring, onboarding, development, benefits administration, and employee relations. Strong interpersonal skills for executive level interactions and staff training. Expert at managing multi-million-dollar budgets and implementing policies and procedures to correlate with growth objectives.


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Dallas Baptist University Psychology 2004 Bachelor Degree
Christ for the Nations Institute Practical Theology 2002 Certification Degree



I have come into each role I've had with little experience and aggressively pursued the knowledge to be a success. (Reverse chronological order) I took on the role of the HR Director of a large healthcare company having had some HR experience, but never the actual title. I created an HRIS in Access from scratch to track the full-time employees and keep track of licenses, certificates, insurance, etc. This HRIS is still used today. I was asked to take on the role of Controller by the Chairman of the Board of an international non-profit ministry. When I took over, they were $2.2 million in the red. I began by creating budgets (there were none) and began spending measures. Within 2 years, I brought them back to break-even. When promoted to the Institute Business Manager I oversaw the transition from a legacy system (286) that had to be purged every night to a Cloud based system designed for what we needed. I took on the role of Telecommunications Administrator for a campus of over 2000 residents, many of them international students, never having been in the telecom industry. In that role I created a database that verified billing of international calls to the tune of several thousand dollars monthly. My database caught billing errors and returned several hundred, to a few thousand, dollars to the school monthly. As a student, I was asked to work part time as the Finance Recovery Administrator. In my first year, I brought in over $100,000 of unpaid tuition. This led to my being hired as full-time staff immediately after graduation. I self-taught Microsoft Access, and the first database I ever created was adopted as the national standard for that company. When the company was bought out by another national company, then ended up adopting my database over the one they had been using. When I was a police dispatcher, I was the number one emergency telecommunicator in the nation.

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Hospital systems, national healthcare chains, Google


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