Wendi B

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Customer Service Representative


Menno, SD

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Known as a high energy person, personable, innovative, and for taking initiative when something needs to be done. I also come to work on time everday and genuinely take pride in my life and work. I take pride in everything I do. Always learn no matter where you are in life.




Worked for At&t at a vendor site long distance, had among the highest sales average. Took a couple of years off and then went to a vendor site who was hiring for Next lost and stolen. Was in that department for a month and then was transferred to a new project for the Sprint Corporate end user. I was in that project for 9 months and then was promoted to senior crew member. My various duties as described above were to take escalated calls, resolve problems, provide follow ups, and to help with new classes as needed. Eighteen months after first starting I was transferred to within the Sprint family and took a job with the company itself. I was put into busines general and from there within three months I was put into advanced technical support. I love my job and it is very rewarding.

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Verizon, Alltell, Ford, Microsoft, Google,


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I was a team lead who functioned as manager when my own manager was gone. I took escalated calls and handled paperwork and did lots of offline work. In charge of fixing problems on business accounts and following up with customers. I transferred from this vendor site to the actual company and worked my way up within three months from business general to advanced technical support.