Katherine N

High Performance Adjuster


Claims Adjuster


Pikeville, KY

Education Level:

High School/GED

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Exceptional customer service, extensive knowledge and leadership qualities. A people person who enjoys teaching and supporting learning adjusters.


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Hancock & Estabrook (Confidential) 1/2007 - 4/2007
AutoOne Insurance Company (Confidential) 9/2003 - 4/2006
Nationwide Insurance Company (Confidential) 3/1998 - 9/2003
Nationwide Insurance Company (Confidential) 7/1994 - 3/1998



Red Creek Central High School Business Administration 1969 High School/GED Degree



•A new legal Ad-Hoc report system was introduced. The system involved the initial input of lawsuit information and the production of reports based that database. I and my manager were the two NY people sent for formal training. I was assigned the task of coordinating all training for a report system that would only be as good as information input and updated. The task involved not only the introduction of the new system to all employees, but also the development of appropriate forms, instructions for proper completion and procedures of data input within each office in the state. I completed all training making all travel arrangements, arranging training sessions, preparing and conducting PowerPoint presentations and providing follow-up support to all NY managers and adjusters after the initial roll-out. I received nothing but positive feedback and compliments after completion of this training as well as a 10% raise! •I independently produced Ad-Hoc reports to obtain numbers for openings and closings of lawsuits over the year. At home I used these reports to produce monthly charts for comparison purposes in a presentation format. When completed, I gave it to my manager who in turn gave it to his manager for an upcoming presentation I had been unaware of. The presentation was a stellar success and I was promoted to Administrative Assistant to the Regional Attorney •While an Administrative Assistant to three PIP managers, the NYS regulatory 8.18% surcharge of appropriate medical bills became effective. It was necessary that a system be developed for its immediate implementation. This involved consistent communication between the NY and Home Office, as well as development of a process for imparting information to all NY adjusters to insure proper payment and avoid penalties. I was assigned the task of scheduling all conference calls and meetings, preparing meeting minutes, developing and compiling all necessary training materials, coordinating all adjuster training and preparing monthly reports for the NY office and Home Office. The project was successfully completed within a short period of time and I again received a 10% raise. I continued to assist managers with monthly reports after becoming an adjuster. •While tending to my normal duties and additional assignments as a PIP Administrative Assistant, I completed all necessary training for a PIP adjuster position as Syracuse was to become the only office handling PIP in NY. After obtaining the initial PIP position, I advanced from Level PIP Adjuster to Master PIP Claim Representative within 4 years. •A paperless billing system was introduced and I found that it took considerable time to determine bill and file status due to the need to review two separate systems that did not communicate with one another. I independently piloted a program that I believed would considerably reduce that time. After two weeks, I presented my findings to management. The project was given the go ahead for presentation to the PIP, PD and BI Units. I prepared and conducted a presentation that was very well received as it saved the adjusters a great deal of time and saved the company a great deal of money. The Branch Manager had attended and told me he was very impressed with my initiative, preparation and professionalism.

Companies I like:

Nationwide Insurance Company, Wausau Insurance Company, The Hartford, Hanover Insurance Company


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Training and supporting trainee adjusters Acting Manager Powerpoint presentations prepared and conducted regarding workflows