James N

Experienced and dedicated District Manager


Regional/Multi-Unit Manager


Meriden, NH

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High School/GED

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I love challenges and am VERY COMPETITIVE! In my 30 years of retail, 16 years have been as a Store Manager. 4 years have been as a District Manager, which is the position I prefer. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have about my work history. There are ABOVE AVERAGE achievements that my teams have accomplished in the past that can be discussed during an interview, along with my ideals, standards and goals. I have old school values and progressive thinking. My teams and I have been a DIFFERENCE MAKER and LEADER in my regions. Retirement with my next employer is my goal. So this is a long term marriage, not a date, that I am seeking. For the right opportunity I will relocate. I always believe in doing the right thing in all situations. I will be happy to submit to background checks and drug testing. What do I "bring to the table"?.... I have been exposed to many intangibles that come with the EXPERIENCE in countless business situations that I have encountered over the years. Having lived in 4 states, and worked in several more, has taught me the diversity needed to solve the wide range of customer issues that can occur. I enjoy energizing and motivating my teams to go beyond the "standard" way of conducting business. I challenge them by daily involvement through accountability and consistency of expectations. Not to mention the importance of TEAM BUILDING. I know you are only as good as the people you surround yourself with. I am a self starter once I am trained, and will work alongside my teams as needed. Organization and sense of urgency are some of my major traits, along with the strong belief in integrity and character...which I do not compromise on.




30 years of retail,(Store Manager for 16 years and District Manager for for 4 years)which I have gained valuable all around business experience. With my leadership, my teams have improved after taking them over and been leaders in our regions and companies. I was presented a Chamber of Commerce award for one of my greater success stories in Florida. The ability to motivate and get results thru others, and the impact we made on each other is something I am very proud of.

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Have been a leader in many categories in my regions.