stephen rein r

Innovative, resourcefull, manager


Mechanical Equipment Sales Representative


East Greenville, PA

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I am interested in inside work with the potential or immediate responsibility of management. I have consulted and been successful in developing sales departments for cemeteries including all aspects, as well as individual and group counseling for positions dealing with mental health. Due to circumstances I do not have use of a car so it must be somewere with public transportation. I am considered to be disabled, with no noticeable difficulty or special consideration, but the business is entitled to benefits for hiring me.




Every consulting position I had in Cemetery Management redesigned for the benefit of the cemetery the sales structure and raised the income level substantially, usually setting new levels. I also brought in, designed and priced headstone custom memorials which many had never before handled. In wrking with clients with head injury I designed programs to offset their limitations and solicit competative employment. This was so successful a program that I received interest in the process from the Deputy of Mental Health in PA , under the governor. I was asked to help the staff determine appropriate state grants to approve toward job placement for Menatl Health clients.

Companies I like:

independent cemeteries, Macy, , boating/fishing/sport companies, mobile phones, computer sales


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Developed pricing/allowance structure and developed advertising and placement. Most important is having a consideration fostered by appropriate advertisng including cost, placement, format, motivation creation and reasonsble pricing, particularly in that all products are custom designed.