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Dynamic Helper; Always Looking to Improve in All Areas.




Bridgeport, CT

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Skilled counseling professional with above average communication skills. A compassionate, discreet manner that evokes confidence and trust. Untiring worker, loyal to the agency and devoted to the client. Innovative in forging relationships with other helping agencies, and improving the public image of my agency in the surrounding area. Willing to give 110%, at varying hours of the day, but knowing when to set appropriate boundaries. Bilingual, English/Spanish with a multicultural sensitivity, and an appreciation of diversity.


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(Confidential) (Confidential) 7/2007 - Present
Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center (Confidential) 6/2006 - 7/2007





I've had a number of career highlights in a variety of job settings: As a nurse, I believe the highlight of my career was lecturing at the School of Health Sciences, University of El Salvador. " The Changing Role of Nurses," was the title of my lecture to the Nursing School. As a teacher, the highlight of my career was in being able to counsel one of my students on career paths. A talented student from difficult circumstances who might never have looked much beyond home in North Carolina, stepped out in faith at my urging, and was accepted to a nationally known northern conservatory of music. I was so proud of him! In counseling, every man who makes it through to graduation, or any man who leaves here a better person than when he arrived is a career highlight for me.

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Harlem United Community AIDS Center, The Doe Fund, Jewish Family Services of New York


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I have been the coordinator of intakes; i.e. networking with local healthcare, rehabilitation, judicial, and advocacy professionals as well as individual clients. In addition to assisting the client, I've assisted professionals to choose the best placement, even when it was another agency. This had bred trust in the people that I deal with, increasing the average population in our 50-bed facility from approximately 38 men, to between 45 and 50 on a regular basis. (Over a one year period.) I have counseled approximately 25 men on a regular basis, individually. In addidtion, I run 5 psychoeducational groups per week. In this way I keep a high profile, am seen as someone whom clients can trust and respect. I serve as a role model while weaving the philosophy of recovery, and the importance of and desire for recovery throughout my individual counseling, and carrying that theme throughout all of my groups. More clients are staying longer, we've seen an increase in the number of men completeing the program and graduating, and there's been an overall increased appreciation for the "care and compassion toned," discipline that we maintain here at the center. Much of the supervision of our consistency in this area has been my responsibility