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Woodstock, GA

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I have a wide knowledge base to bring value to any company whether it is in the front or back office areas. During my Journey, I have developed a unique skill set of diverse management skills in the areas of Business Development, Sales & Marketing and Operations Optimization, Business Analysis, Performance Management, Strategic Business Planning, and Information Technologies. I am a Big Picture Guy-- it is very likely that I can help you Drive Up Performance & Grow your business in a short period of time from the Lessons I have Learned. My unique experience encompasses a wide scope of Corporate Performance & Re-Engineering specialties that I can bring to the table to work hand & hand with senior management in their decision making process by providing vital Corporate Strategic Planning, Automation, & Decision Support. At my last company I worked side by side with Bondholders and Senior & Middle Management in Sales, in Operations, and in Finance while working for multiple Chairmen of the Board & CEOs during the last three years of our relentless multiple turnarounds. There were no segments of the corporate entity that I didn't participate in, except for the Legal department. During this period I also worked with Arthur Andersen, Knox Corporate Development, Kirkland & Messina, Institutional Bond Holders, and other Board Members.


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Britishmcce – Advance Auto Wire (Confidential) 5/2003 - /2008
Trism, Inc (Confidential) 5/1993 - 11/2001



Trism University MBO 2001 Master Degree



Vice President of Strategic Planning (7) Promotions | $1B, 3000+ employee leader in the specialized transportation industry. Trism serviced the over dimensional (flatbed) and secured (nuclear, hazmat, & munitions) markets both in the private sector and US government to all points of North America and Mexico. Trism’s core customers were: DOD, DOE, NASA, Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, Harris Corp, GE, Siemens-Westinghouse, TVA, ABB Power, John Deere, Caterpillar, Hitachi, JI Case, Home Depot…

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fortune 500 & 1000


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· Exposed Rate Quote / Orders conversion to be less than 10% of a 90 day revolving potential revenue stream of $95+ million; Implemented Plan through Chairman. · Proposed & Implemented with Chairman's Special Advisor a revenue improvement plan to increase an individual daily $3.5 million revenue stream by 50% by infusing agent bookings to be offset with capacity management efforts. · Exposed revenue discounting of $76.1 million over a three-year period through data mart analysis resulting in an action plan to increase revenue instead of continuing further cost cutting measures; Implemented Plan through Chairman & his Special Advisor. · Derailed company liquidation program by bondholders targeted 1st Qtr 2001. Supplied enough convincing evidence of attainable profitability that the bondholders re-directed their strategy towards a turnaround campaign to re-position company in a more favorable light in order to sell the entire business intact in 2001. After the events of 9/11, it was all downhill from there. · Awarded 20% stay bonus for 2001 and became the company’s strategic adviser to the 2nd turnaround team. This team represented the bondholders and was responsible for recovering their remaining $80M investment, not to mention the Bi-weekly Russian Roulette ritual between the CIT’s representatives (a Tyco subsidiary) and our Chairman of Board & CEO regarding their stake of $100M. Mercedes-Beinz – another $200M. · Reported directly to (2) Chairmen of the Board & (3) CEOs between 2000-2001. · Issued May-Day fax to the White House on October 17th 2001 while the DOD was on the other phone pleading for Us to Stay Alive and Deliver 80-90% of the DOD's Missiles & Munitions to US Ports to support the Afghanistan invasion. May-Day attempt fell on Deaf Ears... one phone call to Merrill Lynch from the White House would have done the Trick... and the rest is History.