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New York, NY

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I have fourteen (16) years selling experience from different telecommunication companies such as SEMICON INTEGRATED ELECTRONICS CORPORATION where I worked as a Field Sales Executive and was the only one promoted as FIELD SALES SUPERVISOR among fifteen (15) Field Sales Executives; SIGNAL WIRELESS TRADING TELECOMMUNICATIONS NETWORK, INC. where I worked as Sales/Product Manager; NEXT MOBILE INC. (formerly Nextel Philippines) as Corporate Account Executive. I received a TOP SALES PERFORMER award from SEMICON for two (2) consecutive months (April and May 1995). The Globe Telecom Sales Director and the Senior Sales Manager (Channels Operations Mobile Services Division) were able to interview me about the strategies I had for being the Top Performer in Sales. At that time, Globe Telecom has just launched its GSM Network and telecommunication equipment. I handled Corporate Accounts in the following companies: MANILA HOTEL; NORTHERN TELECOMS; JOHNSONS and JOHNSONS (Phils.) INC.; VICTORIA GROUP OF COMPANIES; UNIWIDE (SALES) HOLDINGS INC.; MARSMAN-DRYSDALE CORPORATION; MAÑOSA AND ASSOCIATES; BJ MARTHEL INTERNATIONAL INC., CARLO REYES HAIR SALON; ANTONIO T. REYES FREIGHT MOVERS, INC.; LOYOLA MEMORIAL CHAPELS and others.




When my company, MMB TELESERVE was accredited as an Authorized Dealer of SEMICON, I was able to create marketing strategies and develop sales promotion approved by Marketing Head of Globe Telecom, GMCR, Inc.. When I was an employee of NEXT MOBILE INC. (formerly NEXTEL PHILIPPINES), I constructed marketing program for Car Dealers and LBC Express as our Sales Channels. These were approved by the Marketing Manager of Next Mobile, Inc. As of now, I am still searching for a Corporate World wherein I know I would really belong. Should I qualify, I am very much willing to come for an interview at your most convenient time. I am also willing to be trained in order to qualify for the position mentioned above.

Companies I like:

Verizon, Sprint, Nextel


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1. Handling a team of Distributor Sales Personnel (11). 2. Handling the operations of the telecom business (as exclusive distributor of Smart products and services). 3. Engage, equip, and lead all sales channels (including distribution partners) with appropriate training, tools, and strategy development for SMART products/services. 4. Plan, organize and direct operations team to enhance production, reduce cost and improve quality, in compliance with industry standards of safety, quality, schedule and budget 5. Provide technical and operational support to the team to ensure consistent service delivery and technical excellence 6. Prepare and present recommendations for projects and promotional activities to the management 7. Prepare and present capital budgets and operations strategies to the management 8. Conducts spot checking to retailers to make sure products are well merchandised.