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RssI Want a Career in a factory or a marketing job that i can support my family with

I want something hands-on, something i can look forward to doing everyday or something were i can talk to people one on one. I LOVE to talk to costomers. I feel that i make them feel confortable and open up.

Petroleum Refinery Operator

Pullman, MI

About Me


Manufacturing & Production


Petroleum Refinery Operator


I got my forlift Lic.

Ideal Companies:


Education level:

High School/GED

Will Relocate:



Pullman, MI

Work Experiences

8/2008 - 12/2008

South Haven Finishing

Entry Level

  • I would find the fastest way to buff the metal and polish it because it was piece rate.

2/2008 - 7/2008

Crystal Valley Homes

Entry Level

  • Receiver/ Material Handler: Responsible for the up keep of the factory and putting away parts that come in.

1/2008 - 2/2008

Preferred Tree Service

Entry Level

  • I work as a groundsman and I pick up brush and cut up wood to be put on the truck as the tree is getting cut down.

1/2007 - 3/2007

Hamilton Machine & Mold

Entry Level

  • I was quality control. I would check chrome parts that went into cars for defects. If it had a blemish or a bump it would get thrown away if it was good it would get packaged and shipped off.

11/2006 - Present


Entry Level

  • Worked for 7-Up stacking and shrink wrapping propel bottles 10 per layer and 8 high.

10/2006 - 11/2006


Entry Level

  • I worked at the Meijers on M-43 in K-Zoo in Stocking Grocery department.

1/2006 - Present


Entry Level

  • Worked for Techno-Coat putting raw metal parts on the line to be painted. I was responsible for putting the pick sheets in order so that the parts would get painted the right color and putting a gap in the line so the painters would have enough time to change the color and clean the sprayers. I was trained on how to program the cure ovens to the correct temp.for the particular color. I was trained on load and unload on line 2 and on line 3 and shut down on both lines. The line is moving non stop so you had to put parts in order quickly so the line wouldn't get behind. Very fast pace work.

5/2005 - 8/2005

Seelye Wright of South Haven

Entry Level

  • I was a used and new car salesman.